Friday, March 25, 2022

PPU: KBShimmer Grand Finale & Sweet Sangria Scrub

Polish Pickup's theme for April is the periodic table of elements. I have two KBShimmer items to show you today, these are launching on April 1-4 for pre-order.

KBShimmer Grand Finale
No Cap
A nod to Christy's favorite purple fireworks. A red-leaning violet base is filled with sparkling holo glow flakes. A near metallic-like shimmer shines bright in hues of gold, copper, and bronze for a unique shade that mimics glittering pyrotechnics. This shimmery shade is shown in 2 coats with topcoat. Formula was good, no issues to report.

KBShimmer Sweet Sangria Scrub
A sweet and fruity blend as refreshing as a glass of sangria loaded with seasonal produce. Sweet grape notes are brightened by a hint of tart berry. Deep wine notes amplify hints of orange, black plum, and pineapple for a combination that promotes visions of relaxing days laughing with family and friends. I love the fruity sweet combo, definitely a burst of summer in a jar!

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