Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Button Soap Company (2nd review)

Short and sweet review, I'm in a rush, but I wanted to put -something- up about this order. Its fabulous! Arrived super fast!

Everything is lovely, the rose scent is sooo fresh picked. I'm in love with it.
The Missus smells clean and fresh, not foody to my nose at all, love it. Autumn Harvest has more pumpkin in it now, I think its perfect and Oubliette is fresh and a little herbal, great for shampoo.


I LOVE everything! Scented so nicely! The shampoo is pearly ^.^ And you Bree was right, Thirteen o'clock is such a beautiful fresh picked rose, I LOVE using it in the shower!
I like how she tweaked the Autumn Harvest scent, I think its just right! Bliss!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moonalisa Rockabilly Reorder

Obligatory box opening photos! :D





Some of these scents are reorders and were reviewed in previous blog posts

Perfume Sprays

Lemming Crack - reorder

Mermaid's Tale - reorder (same scent as pacific bath salts)


Potion Lotions:

Blueberry Hill - Delicious, warm blueberry syrup, butter and pancakes, slurp.... this one is a straight up fragrance that is so good on its own, I never had the heart to add a thing. (Rockabilly)

--This smells like a blueberry pastry and is a little too much butter and syrup for my tastes in the pot lot, but I love the soap; where the blueberry is dominant and the maple/pancakes are nearly hidden in the background.

Candied Violets - Sugared violets adorning a Chamborde raspberry liqueur soaked butter sponge cake. (Drive Thru Moo)

--I really love this, I can smell the soft powdery violets and something sweet and sugary. Not getting a cake note, but it could come out when worn. Haven't tested this one yet.

Tea Reader - reorder

Soap - gorgeous, foamy and velvety!

Blueberry Hill - reviewed above


Hair Conditioner - Not sure if this did it or the 4n1, but one of them dried my hair like woah.

Cantaloupe Cooler - reorder

Handmade Creams and Butters:

Monoi Tiare Tahiti Coconut Vanilla - coconut butter cream scented in Coconut & Vanilla. Mmmmmmm, a great oil to go with your coco-coconutty goodness!!! (Rockabilly)

--I was very disappointed in this. Its runny, costly, stays on the surface of my skin and remains greasy to the touch. =/

Perfume Oil:

Duchess of Willowdale - Notes are reminiscent of old Victorian parlors, Honey, Amber, Pipe Tobacco but with added notes of deep, dark, rich chocolates. (Original Scent list)

--I really LOVE this scent! Finally a honey note that doesn't smell like pee on me! I accidentally bought a second one before this order came, and I am glad I did! On cold sniff I do smell the tobacco but when worn its gone and all I smell is glorious chocolate and amber. I'm in heaven! Plus, the extra bottle is prettier (blue w/gold cap) than the one I received. xD



Bath Butter

Peach Paradise - Sweet peaches in syrup doused with creamy coconut milk. (Drive Thru Moo)

--Very very peachy and sweet like candy! Would be perfect for summertime.


4 in 1

Orange Cloud - Lovely and soothing coconut oil, sea salt , almond oil , Baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, toasted orange peel, Sweet Orange Peel, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla essential oils. (Original scent list)

--I can definitely smell the sharp orange peel, but it has been softened a bit by the vanilla. Its not quite dreamsicle-esqe, as I think this is more realistic like a cup of fresh sliced oranges with a dollop of whipped cream. :)

Banishing oil:

Sanctuary - Sandalwood, Agar Wood, Rose and deep forest mulch. (Halloween 2011)

--do not like sandalwood, but this has a heavy rose scent. The drydown is a bit powdery. Its nice for a fresh/floral, but not my kind of "reach for" scent. I can imagine it will make a great massage oil, since the fragrance is not heavy.


Solid Perfume:

Sleepy Hallow - Experience the legend with this solid perfume flying Ointment reminiscent of smoldering seasoned oakwood fires, warmed leather from fierce riding through the eastern woodside and the distinct aroma of roasted spiced pumpkin flesh and smoldering marshmallows. (Halloween 2011)

--I can smell most of the notes in the pot, but when I put it on it goes smoke. Nothing but smoke. I think I might blend my cp marshmallow with this. :D


The whole order together:


Monday, October 10, 2011

Front Porch Candle Company Review

Tat was a little slow because she had a huge bogo sale, but I think she is generally fairly quick from what I have read. I love her tarts just on cold sniff alone, they were all packed in cello baggies with twist ties, no staples yay!

I did ask about a custom blended scent via email but she didn't respond to me, the sale was going to end so I had to go ahead and order. She still hasn't replied to my request, but I'll just blame the chaos of her sale for that. xD

Black Cherry Bomb - Huge throw from with Black Cherry Bomb! Amazing sharp black cherry aroma.
--This smells just like black cherry kool-aid! (my fave kool-aid) Loving it, and I think its going to be super strong. The cold throw is pretty amazing on this tart!

Lime Citrus - blend of Lime and Citrus Explosion(Strong blend of tangerine, pineapple and kumquats. Watch out for the Citrus Explosion....!! )
--Very lime, very citrus and STRONG cold throw! I think this will be awesome hot!

Funnel Cake - Walk to the Funnel Cake Cart at your local carnival and this is what you'll smell. The wonderful aroma of funnel cake sprinkled with powder sugar. So real it will make you hungry!
--Lighter cold throw than the first two, but definitely fried dough and powdered sugar. yum!

Grapes & Huckleberries - A sweet blend of tart ripe grapes and sour huckleberries. Wonderful fruity aroma!
--Oh this is good! It smells just like one would expect. If you've not ever eaten or sniffed a huckleberr, they are very similar to blueberries on a bit more tart. Mixed with grape for added sweetness, this smells good enough to eat!

Pink Key Lime Pie - description not listed, but I am smelling this through the cello wrap and my gosh its strong! Pink sugar mixed with key lime for a brighter more tart pink sugary treat! Yumm!

Raspberry Lime - Sweet blend of Raspberries, Lime, with Vanilla undertones.
--Mouthwatering! I read about a sherbet made with these two fruits once and have longed for it since. This tart just made that longing into a real craving. I must seek some! I think this tart will be super strong when hot.

Blackberry Bubble Gum - no description available, but it smells like Bubblicious bubble gum if they made a blackberry flavored one! Very yummy and great cold throw on this!

tea & cookies -
--I smell tea, lemon, and vanilla shortbread, nice throw while cold! Very yummy smelling!

tea & crumpets -
--I ordered this to see the difference from the one above, and this one has the tea and lemon but is quite a bit more buttery like an english biscuit. Both of them smell fantasticly yummy and have a good cold throw!

Blackberry Sugar - no description available, Marmalade or sugary jam? yes please! Smells good enough to slather it on a piece of toast and gobble it up! Very good cold throw!

Freebie is not labeled! lol
Its the layered scallop in the photo, it smells very bakery like buttercream and vanilla. :) yum!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Beaux Savons Frais Review

and on facebook

I actually ordered twice, so part of this is my order and part of it was completely different items than what I ordered, I got someone else's package! I let Lacey know and she promptly refunded me for the package + shipping that was sent in error. I was still a little sad because I was very excited about several things in my real order. =/

I'm only going to review scents that I like, because what could I say good about a scent that I normally do not like? right?

Starbucks coffee clamshell - this is straight up coffee. No cream, no sugar, simply black coffee. Its very yummy and inviting. Lovin it! Haven't melted it just yet, but I'm thinking it might be great for tomorrow morning in prep for the CP sale! :D

Whipped Creme Soap in Fruit Loops - this, I ordered. One for me and one for Teresa. (little did she know!) It smells absolutely delicious, better than real fruit loops cereal. So fruity and sweet! :D YUM! I love the texture of this soap as well. Its quite different than others I have tried.

Bath salts in Papaya Dragon Fruit - another item I ordered and lemme tell ya, this is sooo sweet and tropical smelling, I could live in it! :D I soo need to hit the tub and try these out!

Solid Bubble Bath in Cotton Candy - This stuff smells yummy but the texture is so neat! Its like Play-doh!! This will be fun in the bath! :D (this was an item I ordered)

Tarts in Pink Sugared Vanilla Cupcake - smells like pink sugar and vbn. Yum!

Tarts in Strawberry Shortcake - very yummy and sweet smelling! Strawberries and cake, I could bite this one! I think it will have a pretty good hot throw.

Tarts in Chocolate Chip Cookie - This one is a lighter scent but it smells just like a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie!

Tarts in Blue Cotton Candy - these smell a little raspberry and a little sweet to me. I prefer straight up cotton candy to this, but these smell rather good. :)

Other stuff I received:
Caramel apple foaming hand soap, its good I just don't care much for apple scents.

Bag of Peppermint Patty tart crumbles

Cinnamon Roll Tarts

Pumpkin Crunch Cake clamshells x2 - I am keeping one of these, but I don't care a lot for cinnamon, will see how it melts. :)

Peppermint Candy skull and crossbone tarts

Caramel Lip Balm

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Buggy Town Candles

I saw this tart on her facebook page for sale and thought I would give them a try. 1.50 w/free shipping, not much risk right? wrong! because now I want to HAUL from them! lol

Here is her website: http://www.buggytowncandles.com/

Christmas Hearth = This scent will take you back to the magic of Christmas Eve and sure to be come a classic holiday fragrance. Christmas Hearth combines orange & spices from the kitchen, a touch of Christmas tree and a dash of earthiness from the fireplace. This fragrance oil is infused with natural orange, cinnamon, and pine essential oils
--This is really every scent that Christmas brings with it. Smokey fireplaces, pine, apple cider, and baked goods. Its really a trip down memory lane! So cozy and yummy.
The scent description is no longer on her page since I bought the tart, and there isn't a way that I can see my facebook shopping history from what I can tell.

Cindy's Apple Pie was a freebie, which I did not expect for such a cheap order!
Aroma of Cindy's homemade apple pie straight from the oven.
--This one is very cinnamon and very apple, with a touch of sweet sugar but not candy like.

I love the souffle cup packaging, the labels are soo cute, the way the wax looks soft and silky almost, and how heavily scented these appear. I am so excited to melt the CH tart, saving it for right around Christmas though, I'm gonna be antsy! lol

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jojoelle Haul and Review

I completely forgot to post my review here and on my blog. xD So.. here it is!




Ultra Luxe Lotion - Very think, spreads well and takes a while before it starts absorbing so it doesn't take much on initial application; which I think is pretty cool! The scent though is not as strong or long lasting as other etailers I have tried. I really like the base though, its very nice!

Hair and body mist - This fades so fast, it makes me kind of sad. It lasted about 20 minutes if that. I had to press my nose to my arm to smell it. =/ I even did the spray it down my shirt trick and its not clinging to the fabric either. Very very faint. I might use this for a linen spray, it'd be nice for that on my sheets so its not overpowering while I sleep. :)

EDP - Strong, long lasting! Definitely would purchase a full size if I find a fave scent, after trying the minis.

Scrub - Very scrubby, moderately bubbly. Love the jojoba beads! They scrub and scrub even after the sugar has all melted. She mixes these throughout the scrub, so you get lots of them!

English Tea - signature - Black Keemun tea with fresh lemon slices!
--This smells just like Moona's Tea Reader (though I think she adds a shortbread note) and Haunt's Lady Grey! Wahoooooo a dupe! :D I love this scent its just like described tea and lemon slices, soooo yummy! Perfect for summertime, or any time really! Fresh and citrusy! It had kind of faded a little though after an hour, but most citrus scents tend to do that. Very bright and strong at first, then a soft drydown.

Lavender Cotton Candy - signature - Soft lavender floating in sweet cotton candy.
--JJE's lavender is a little on the herbal side, so the cotton candy note really sweetens it up! On application the edp smells more foody and sweet than in the bottle. Oo its changing on me..I smell a toasty note! Yum! :D

Lavender Marshmallow - signature - Lavender and fluffy soft marshmallows!
This is closer to Haunt's than LSC's is, but still different. I love it though! The scrub is really nice and scrubby esp with the little jojoba beads in it! They will scrub til I say I'm done! lol This one bubbles up what I would consider a moderate amount. Not quite enough for shaving, but good enough for cleansing. :)

Magnificent Marshmallow - This is the best marshmallow we've ever smelled! Ooey gooey, fluffy white marshmallows!
--this is sweeter than other marshmallows I have sniffed, and it has a very faint hint of plastic. The scent is quite light and a little difficult to smell in the jar. This is all based on in jar sniff, I have not tried this yet.

Sugar Rush - signature - Lemon sugar, caramel, cotton candy, and vanilla, with a wisp of egyptian musk! Unique!
--Ooo lawdy this is yummy! Its very bright lemon, sweetened up with the cotton candy, and grounded by the musk which is very light in this. The edp is super strong on application and I think the vanilla is coming through a little more now that I've had it on a few minutes. I don't smell the caramel note and if I didn't know to look for the musk, I wouldn't know it was there. This might be a reorder in full size edp!

Lavender Cream Cake - signature - A luscious blend of vanilla ice cream, caramel, marshmallow, sugar, lavender, and cake!
--This smells wonderfully delicious in the jar/bottle and smells great on too! I layered the lotion with the body spray, used the scrub in the shower and after about 20 minutes it has faded. Very difficult to smell unless I stick my nose to my arm. I have to say this smells almost identical to my purple boxed delites blend from sudsy's, only JJe's is softened by the Lavender. I much prefer the pbd from Sudsy's, and I'm sure I could get lavender added to it!

Freebie Ultra Luxe Lotion:
Pink Champagne - A pink iced champagne mixed with raspberry, cranberry, and sweet sugar crystals.
--This smells like a bag of gummy bears upon opening and you catch that first whiff! I LOVE gummy bear and I love this scent!

Tat was fast! She told me 5/7 day and I got my order in less.
8/29 just before midnight is when I purchased. I got cns on 9/1 and it all arrived today 9/3.

She was very friendly throughout communication via email and facebook both. Her products are of good quality for the most part (save for body spray) and she sent a freebie and sucker! :) She packed with those green peanuts, which is awesome because they are biodegradable! :D


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