Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cftkr-plumberry spice

cftkr-plumberry spice, originally uploaded by Jen ♥.

Via Flickr:
Company: Candles From the Keeping Room
Etailer link: stores.ebay.com/Candles-From-The-Keeping-Ro
Proprietor: Carol

Shipping: Combined shipping for about six different bags full of tarts and some singles, was very reasonable. Flat rate priority.

Presentation: Shipped with bubble wrap, the tarts come 7 or so in a double cello bag, and tied off with homespun. The outer bag has a label on it with company name and scent.

Scent Description: If you love Balsam and Citrus you will love this one.....fruit , berries, some spiced mixed with a sugared spruce.

What I smell: I definitely get the Spruce, different from pine - I love it! I also smell light spices, and a light fruit. Smells delicious and reminds of Christmas, but could be a good scent year round because of its freshness.

Throw: I could smell this in the kitchen and living room while melting in the back bedroom. (My home has an open plan, centralized living room, master in front, kitchen on opposite side and two bedrooms at the back of the living room. I melt my tarts in one of the back bedrooms. So its a three room throw, at least.

Duration: approx. 24 hours. Started the tart yesterday around 5pm and replaced it today around 6pm. We left it on all night and could catch a faint whiff of it just in the back bedroom before replacing.

Extras: I received several freebies with the order, one of which was an out of stock scent that the board raves about, Caramel Swirl. I was quite delighted with that!

Overall Experience: Carol was a delight to work with, her tarts smell wonderful, she does combine shipping and sends freebies. Wonderful etailer!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

apaw2 1/52

apaw2 1/52
apaw2 1/52
apaw2 1/52
ahtq-bottleahtq-swatch up close!
apaw2 1/52, originally uploaded by Jen ♥.

Via Flickr:
Brand: Butter London
Color: All Hail The Queen
Coats: 2
Application: effortless, seriously!
Finish: shimmer, but I think it wants to be holo - not enough light to tell for sure, but I am seeing a purple flash in there.
Base Coat: SH Nail Quencher
Top Coat: Seche Vite
Wear: Just applied, so we'll see!
Purchased From: Ulta
My Polish Spreadsheet

I've decided to continue with my polish a week project for a second year! This is the first week's mani. I've lemmed this for ages and finally was able to get it, thanks to Ulta for stocking it locally!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here Comes Trouble!

Greens Comparison

Via Flickr:
I got some great advice recently from Birgit, Kaz and Steffels about what kind of bulbs or lamps to try.
I took a few test shots to see how my new lights would affect my photos. I really like them!

What do you think?


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