Thursday, March 3, 2022

KBShimmer for March Polish Pickup

Polish Pickup's theme for March is Maker's Choice. I have two KBShimmer items to show you today, these are launching on March 4-7 for pre-order.

Beach You To It is a blue reflective shade filled with color shifting shimmer. In low light turquoise and green shimmer are shown while direct light shows a sky-blue base accented by gold and lime shimmer. The silver reflective pigment catches the light for an amazing sparkle. Shown in 2 coats with top coat, photos are with flash and without.

KBShimmer Vanilla Bean Scrub is a cream colored scrub scented with a rich vanilla bean fragrance. Heavy notes of vanilla are smoothed out by sweet cream. Bottom notes of dark caramel lift the vanilla for a rich blend that will invite you to sniff again. This is a complex vanilla!

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