Thursday, March 5, 2020

How I Load My Nail Polish Brush

I saw the cutest photo of a young girl whose Dad is helping her learn to polish. He was asking for tips and after I gave mine, I thought to myself, why not share it on my blog too?

So here it is - the thing I wish I knew when I was first learning to paint:

xoxoJen's How I Load My Nail Polish Brush

1. Uncap and lift the brush from the bottle, pressing one side of the brush against the bottleneck so the paint runs back down into the bottle and the brush is left 'clean' on that side.
This side of the brush won't be touching the nail when painting.

xoxoJen's How I Load My Nail Polish Brush

2. Press and wipe the top half of the other side of the brush against the inside of the bottle neck, leaving a bead/drop on the side of the brush that will be touching the nail.

xoxoJen's How I Load My Nail Polish Brush

3. Get painting!

A few more notes:
Dipping the brush this way allows good control over where the polish ends up on the nail.

Re-dip the same way as needed for larger nails that need extra polish.

If there is a lot of paint on the plastic stem, it too can be wiped on the bottle neck to reduce what runs down onto the brush. I do this on the first lift from the bottle by sort of drawing circles against the bottle neck. It makes a sort of spiral on the stem of the brush which takes about half off of what was on there.

Model for photos was a gift with my purchase: Tonic Grateful

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip! What is your 'thing you wish you knew' about painting when you were just starting out?

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