Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Foil Method

Tough Glitter polish on your nails? Never fear, the foil method is here!

You'll need small squares of felt or an unrolled cotton ball cut in small squares, foil cut into strips to fit your fingertips and a bottle of pure acetone remover. I like to decant into a pump, its so much less risky of spilling!
Since visuals are great, I've made a photo tutorial, please comment if you have questions!


Soak the lil pads in acetone and apply to fingertip.

Cover/wrap with foil and let sit.

Do one hand and keep it on for about 5 minutes. Apply a little pressure against the nail while sliding the foil and felt off and tada! Most if not all the glitter should be gone. If its not, redo that nail and leave them on a few more minutes.

For another awesome way to make removing polish easier, read about Yellow Stopper!

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