Thursday, March 28, 2013

Serum No.5: Mint To Be and Barely There

Two more polishes from Serum No. 5 today - Mint To Be and Barely There.

Mint To Be is a very nice shade of green, not too blue not too yellow. The crelly has a nice amount of glitter in it for that jelly sammich effect as its layered. I wore two coats with top coat.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Serum No. 5: Forest Lights

Forest Lights from Serum No. 5 is a really pretty leaf green filled with various sizes of turquoise, green, and silver hex glitters and gold shimmers. I wore two coats over Essie Sew Psyched which I think worked really well with this color. The little glitters and glimmers make me imagine a forest filled with little pixies, faeries, and nymphs flittering about. It makes me smile when I wear it!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Serum No. 5: Pretty Blue

Victoria from Serum No. 5 sent several polishes to me for free to review, so the next several blog posts will feature her polishes. The first one is called Pretty Blue, which is a really pretty glitter topper.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vivid Lacquer: Theoretically Spring and Lunar Eclipse

Before I knew the name of this collection, I made a banner and well. I was close!

The collection by Vivid Lacquer is actually called Theoretically Spring and will be available Wednesday March 13, 3pm PST (4pm MST 5pm CST 6pm EST) at her Etsy shop!

Before I get started with the Theoretically Spring swatch photos, I just want to say a few things. :)
1. These are gorgeous crelly type polishes with fine glitters in them.
2. They were all very easy to apply (smooth, no bumps or sticking out stuff, no fishing) and fairly easy to remove.
3. Each one is three coats with no underoos.
4. I used Hard Candy Matte topcoat on the mattified photos of each polish.
5. Buckle up for the ride cause these polishes truly speak for themselves!

Theoretical Rockstar

This polish is actually a core polish made in May of 2012 and reformulated in September of 2012. The "man of the house" if you will. :)

Theoretical Girlfriend

Girlfriend to the Rockstar, I'm sure of it! A soft baby pink, so feminine!

Theoretical Vegan

Bestie to the girlfriend, I bet! Happy lil green one, all dressed up and ready for St. Patrick's!

Theoretical Gamer

This light blue is sure to catch any girl's eye. Perhaps little miss blogger?

Theoretical Blogger

A lover of purple (and maybe gamer boys?), indeed! And look at that stylish shape of hers!
(Anni is testing some new bottles out and sent this to me to have a look!)

And now....

Starring Vivid Lacquer....

The polish you've all been dreaming of.....

Brand new to the Vivid Lacquer core line-up.......


-crowd goes wild-

In all seriousness though, this is simply the best iridescent shifting flakie hex shimmer glitter topper GORGEOUS polish I have ever laid my eyes on.

One coat brushed on in the usual way over Illamasqua Obsess, which is what I have done with Lunar Eclipse. Obsess.

One coat dabbed on over Illamasqua Serenity, a vibrant turquoise blue.

And lastly, two coats brushed on in the usual way over Illamasqua Prosperity; a beautiful purple.

What! You're still here? Oh, you need a link to stalk with, my dear?
Available at Vivid Lacquer's Etsy shop on Wednesday March 13, 3pm PST (4pm MST 5pm CST 6pm EST) or you can stalk the Vivid Lacquer facebook page til then. >.>

Products provided for review.

Monday, March 11, 2013

You all rock! :)

I don't usually keep a close eye on blog numbers, but I do check once in a while.
I just happened to check a minute ago and 300 lovely people have joined me via friend connect!
I am very pleased, as I didn't expect to ever have more than a handful.
You all rock! :)

And a little something I cooked up for you guys!

Products provided for review.


Do you remember Underoos from the 1980s?
I had a few when I was wee kiddo. Wonder Woman and R2D2 were my favorites. I wore them to sleep all the time; I even have an old a photo of me in my WW ones at my baby sitter's house!

So today I have a few polish underoos that I've worn under various glitter topcoats in recent reviews that I've done.

This is one of the two polishes in the Hot Topic duo set that had the DL dupe in it. Neither one had names, but isn't it a pretty shade of perwinkle?

This was worn underneath a PR Sample from Whimsical Ideas by Pam

Nanacoco's Irrestible Charm is a stunning one coater with a foil-like finish.

It was the perfect underoo color for a PR Sample from Pam.

Revlon Gumdrops is a polish I've had for at least a year, probably more. I had never worn it, so I chose it to go under a PR Sample from Pam.

And last today is my beloved Revlon Hazy. The perfect shade of grey for lots of glitter toppers!

What is your favorite underoo?

Products provided for review.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Guest Post at Globe and Nail

Today's blog entry is my guest post over at Globe and Nail.
I was thrilled when she asked me about doing the post. The teaser photo below features A England's St. George and the full post shows it topped with a glitter topper. Hop on over to Globe and Nail to see the full entry!


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