Thursday, June 14, 2012

Castration of polishes!

I was so taken by Chalkboard nails photo of Windestine's black and white polishes that I had to have them!

They've arrived and been castrated because Freda sent a proactive email to let me know that the balls were not stainless. She offered to replace, refund or issue a credit for future purchase - how about that? I'd say she went above and beyond with customer service. Anywho, I told her I didn't see any discoloration, that I had removed the balls and not to worry about refunds or anything as the polish is totally usable and perfect. She then offered to send new stainless balls to me and since I had some from TKB already, I thanked her and declined.
I present the castrated polishes, aren't they gorgeous?

I also removed them from my Enchanted polishes as well.

The best way I have found to remove the balls is take off the lid, cover the bottle opening with a plastic baggie, place a strong magnet over the opening to sort of seal it. Holding the magnet with your hand turn the bottle over and listen for the balls to click to the magnet. Tip it back over and carefully bag up the balls. It takes about a minute and no polish or balls are harmed. :)

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