Indie Polish Shop List

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Last update: 4-7-24

New to the list:
The Tart Peach
Jewel of The Nail

Original list
1422 Designs
77 (Seventy Seven) Nail Lacquer
Addicted to Cute
Adored Colors
Aeviternity Lacquer
AJ Nails Collection
Alchemy Lacquers
Aliquid Lacquer
All Mixed Up Lacquers
Anchor & Heart Lacquer
Arcana Lacquer
Ard as nails
Ari Nail Lacquer
Astrologie Beauty
Atomic Polish
Aura Lacquer
Aurora Beauty
B. Loves Plates
Baby Girl Lacquer
Baroness X
BCB Lacquers
Bedford and Grove
Bee's Knees Lacquer
Bella Belle Nail Couture
Big T Ranch Soap
Black Dahlia Lacquer
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Bluebird Lacquer
Blush Lacquer
Boss Lady
Butterfly Polish
By Dany Vianna
By Vanessa Molina
Cadillacquer (CH)
Cameo Colours Lacquers
Camouflaged Polish
Candy Lacquer
Canna Paint
Cat Tail Nails
Chamaeleon Nails
Cirque Colors
Color Spectrum Polish
Colores De Carol
Colour Alike
Copacetic Cosmetics
Crafted Hues
Crave Cosmetics
Crazy Cat Lacquer
Crow & Opal
Crystal Knockout
Cupcake Polish
Curtain Call
Dainty Digits
Dam Polish
Danglefoot Nail Polish
Dark & Twisted Lacquer
Dark Hearts Lacquer
Dark Horse Lacquer
Daveen Lacquer
Death Valley Nails
Dew Nail Polish
Different Dimension
Dimension Nails
Disturbed Potions
Dollish Polish
Dreamland Lacquer
DRK Nails
Drunk Fairy Polish
EA Polish
Easter Mia (lab created)
ECO Created Colors
Elbe Nail Polish (formerly Holovers)
Ella + Mila
Ellagee Polish
Ember Nail Lacquer
EmilydeMolly (AU)
EmilydeMolly (US)
Encounter the Blooms
Envy Lacquer
Ethereal Lacquer
Exotic Lacquers
Fair Maiden
Fairydust (BR)
Familiar Polish
Fanchromatic Nails
Fancy Gloss Polish
Fangirl Polish
Fanservice Nails
Farbe Nostalgia
Femme Fatale Cosmetics (AU)
Fiendish Fancies
Finding Feathers Lacquer
Folklore Lacquer
Fomo Lacquer
For Your Nails Only
Forget Me Not Lacquer
Fun Lacquer
Gallivanting Nails
Garden Path Lacquer
Geekish Glitter Lacquer
Geeky Bee's Nails
Geeky Girl Universe
Girly Bits (CA)
Glam Polish
GLH Nail Lacquer
Glimmer By Erica
Glisten & Glow
Glitter Gal (AU Reseller)
Glitterfied nails
Glitzd 23
Good Knight Polish
Gorgeous Cosmos
Gr8 Nails
Grace-full Nail Polish
Great Lakes Lacquer
Gridlock Lacquer
Grim and Glamorous
Hammer Polish
Harmon Polish
Hearts and Promises
Heart's Desire Beauty
Heather's Hues
Hit the Bottle Polishes
Hollie Mixture
Honey Bunny Lacquer
Humble Bee
I Love Nail Polish aka ILNP
I Scream Nails (AU)
I Scream Nails (USA)
IMK Nails
Indie By Patty Lopes
Indiegirl Beauty Shop
Indigo Bananas
Inspired Sense
J&L Creations
Jen & Berries
Jessie Monroe
Jillybean Polish
Jior Couture
JL Lacquer
Jreine Cosmetics
JV Lacquer
Kaeess Nail Polish
Karma Organics
Kathleen and Co
KNI Beauty and Bath
Koquettish Kosmetics
Krisable Designs
LaCC Beauty - Lac Couleur Couture
Lacquer 22
Lacquer Is In The Air
Lacquered Up
Lady V Lacquer
Lala Polishes
Lantern & Wren
le polish
Leesha's Lacquer
Lemming Lacquer
Lifely Lacquer
Lights Lacquer
Lilypad Lacquer (AU)
Liquid Dyet
Liquid Glam Lacquer
Little Martian
Little Nail Girl
Liv Oliv
Loiuse Lacquer
Love Candii (AU)
Lucky 13 Lacquer
Luna Seas
Lust Nail Lacquer
Luxe Lacquer Co.
Luxuria Lacquer
Lyn B Designs
Marissa Makes Scents
MBA Cosmetics
Minx Lacquer
Mischo Beauty
MJ Lacquer
Monroe Blvd
Moo Moo's Signatures
Moonflower Polish
Moonshine Mani
Ms Sparkle
MTK Design
Muse Polish
Music City Beauty
My Indie Polish (CA)
Mythos Lacquer
Nail Artisan
Nail Hoot
Nail Nation 3000
Nail Pattern Boldness
Nailed It Hawaii
Naps and Nails
Native War Paints
Navni Beauty
NeverMind Polish
Night Owl Lacquer
Niji Nails
Nine Zero
Noodles Nail Polish
Northern Lights Cosmetics
Northern Nail Polish
Northern Star
Nvr Enuff Polish
Olive Ave
Opulent Essences
Paint It Pretty Polish
Paint Polish (PH shipping only)
Painted Polish
Palate Polish
Pampered Polishes
Paper Crane Lacquer Co
Paradox Polish
Parrot Polish
Party Girl Lacquer
Peita's Polish (AUS)
Penelope Luz
People of Color Beauty
Pi Colors
Pick A Polish
Picture Polish
Pink Hibiscus Beauty
Pinnacle Polish
Pin-up Paint
Plantasy Polish
Plus Life Lacquer
Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish
Poison'd Lacquer
Polish Me Silly
Polish Molish
Polished For Days
POP Nail Polish
Potion Polish
Pretty Beautiful
Pretty Wicked
Prickly Polish
Prism Polish
Psyche Minerals
Pumpkin Polish
Radioactive Unicorn (UK)
Rainbow Polish
Red Eyed Lacquer
Red Panda Lacquer
Ribbons Polish
Rogue Lacquer
Roxx Nail Polish
Ruby Lee
Saki Cosmetics
Sassy Cats Lacquer
Sassy G
Sassy Pants Polish
Sassy Sauce Polish
Satnin Polish
Savannah Lacquer
Scale Lacquer
Scofflaw Varnish
Serum No5
Seven Sisters Mercantile
Shiny Nail Polish
Shleee Polish
Simply Beautiful
Simply Polished (UK based)
Sizzlin Shades Nail Lacquer
Soothing Soul Nail Lacquer
Special Ones Lacquer
Spectrum Cosmetic
Spell Polish
Spellbound Nails
Spy Princess
Starlight and Sparkles
Stella Chroma
Sugar Drizzle
Suite Eleven
SuperChic Lacquer
Swamp Gloss
Sweet & Sour Lacquer
Sweet Heart Polish
Sweet Lacquer
Sweet Pea Polish
Syzygy Boston
The Chequered Lily
The Don Deeva
The Howling Boutique/Super Moon
The Lady Varnishes
The Nail Bazaar
The Nail Junkie
The Pixie Girl
The Velvet Hexagon
Three Hearts Polish
Tinted Paradise
Tipsy Toppers
Top Shelf Lacquer
Treasures by Tan
Triple O Polish
Trust Fund Beauty
Twisting Nether Lacquer
Tyler's Trinkets
Valeria Nails
Vapid Lacquer
Venus Lacquers
Victorian Varnish
Virgo Moon Nails
Voyage by PolishPak
What Addiction
What's Up Nails
Whimsical Ideas By Pam
Wikkid Polish
Wild Moon Lacquer
Wildflower Lacquer
Willow Tree Minerals
Wrenn Nail Polish
Wtich Cult Nail Lacquer
XXVZ Nails
Zoetic Nails
Zoey Koko
Zombie Claw Polish
ZYX Polish

Feel free to link back to this page, but please do not copy my work.

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In 2012, I was determined to find and learn about every indie polish shop. I looked on blogs, through google, and several message boards for a complete list with links and names and it simply didn't exist. The closest I could find was a board post on MUA Feb 22, 2012 by haayleyy. The list was alphabetical, with no links and contained a total of 27 polish shops.

Since I was not able to find a single source with a complete hyperlinked list of shops, I decided to create my own. I got permission to use haayleyy's list as a starting point and began researching to find their online shop links and then I published the full list here on February 23, 2012. is the blog home of the original indie shop links list.

I have since added/removed well over 800 shops to my list. On occasion, the list is cleaned to remove broken links, change links, and remove shops that have not been active for several months or have closed. My list will never be all inclusive, but it's a really good start.

Manna's Manis helped audit the list in 2018 to remove closed shops. Big thank you to her!

I hope you find the list useful and thanks for the visit!


  1. Is Ella + Mia considered an indie brand? I've seen it for sale at CVS.

    1. Yes, Ella and Mila is independently owned. I confirmed via email minutes ago. Thank you for asking!

  2. I went through most of the list and took some notes about what's MIA or changed URLs:

    Deadly Nail Polish (I can't find anything about this brand tbh)
    Honey Lacquer (this looks like it has some connection to Max Factor, a major beauty brand)
    Kise (I saw you commented on their facebook but they never responded)
    Lil Fang
    live love polish is now Mooncat
    Miss Priss
    MTKDesign moved to a shopify url
    My World Sparkles?
    One Off Polish?
    Opulent Essences has switched to a Bigcartel website
    Pep Nail Vibes might be on hiatus but I think someone stole their url
    poshlish is MIA
    Rebellisch's fb page is gone and has no website anymore
    Ruby White Tips redirects to some kind of Chinese website with flashy banners
    Wingin It Lacquer seems inactive
    Wishful Bath and Beauty's storenvy is gone and this list is one of the few listings that mentions it

    1. Just to add, Poshlish's Instagram is completely empty. I don't know if the owner changed their URL or deleted everything.

    2. I contacted the owner of Pepperpot Polish on Instagram and she said she switched jobs and "no longer has the time to focus on it like I used to", so that means no more Pepperpot Polish.

    3. I've removed Poshlish and Pepper Pot, now taking a look at your larger list. Thank you for doing this!

    4. Honey Lacquer was an indie polish brand, it's definitely gone now. You can see the logo and such at the internet archive here:
      It is kinda interesting that the only thing that pulls up via google is the Honey Lacquer lip gloss by Max Factor though!

    5. alright, all updated! :) thanks again.

  3. The owner of Peachtree/Bonparsco has gone on a hiatus as of two years ago due to the passing of her husband. This was posted on Facebook, on August 20th, 2022:

    My life has changed forever. 💔
    On Thursday, August 18th, my husband of 32 years passed away☹️
    My plans for the future are now completely different. I will not be working on any Bonparsco or Peachtree Polish products for quite some time.
    Maybe in the future things will start up again.
    Thank you all for the past 7 years of love and support. Y'all are amazing customers!

  4. Black Dahlia Lacquer's website domain expired, and from what I've seen on Instagram, the owner is pretty much inactive.


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