Monday, November 23, 2020

Polish Pickup: Everything Is Fine

The theme this month for Polish Pickup is Everything Is Fine! Launching Dec 4 at 10a Central through 7, 11p Central. A lot of great brands have offerings this month, and I have some of them to show you!

KBShimmer Cats & Pajamas
A blue-leaning gray crelly base is flecked with glowing holo flakes. Color-shifting flakes shift between fuchsia, pink and orange.
Inspired by flannel pajamas and the animals that keep us company while at home
No Cap

I love a grey polish with pops of color and this one delivers! Shown in two coats with topcoat.

KBShimmer Cozy At Home sugar scrub
A hint of vanilla, tonka bean, subtle floral notes from jasmine, and a hint of patchouli anchors the blend
Inspired by the simple pleasures of home such as a warm blanket, a fuzzy pair of socks, or a loving nudge from a pet.
No Cap

I'd describe this as a balanced blend of clean, spicy and warm.
I definitely get vanilla and a certain spiciness. I smell a clean top note, which I am guessing is the jasmine but it doesn't really smell like straight up jasmine to me. This is how you know all the scents are blended really well, when you can't pick out a single scent on its own.

Lollipop Posse Relentless
Inspired by a crab and his cigarette. Life is relentless, isn't it?
A navy blue crelly base packed with red/green/orange/gold shifting iridescent flakes and finely milled Aurora shimmer that shifts between red, gold, and green.
No cap

The flake against the dark base just pops! Such a morph of color in this! While the base is described as navy, I see more of a dark royal and coupled with the shimmer it almost looks as if it were slightly teal leaning. Shown in two coats with topcoat.

LynB Designs Don't Be A Trash Can't, Be A Trash Can
A violet(cool) to white(warm) thermal filled with flakes that shift purple, lime, teal, copper, and pink. The polish also includes cosmic holo micro flakies and pink to gold to green shifting shimmer.
No cap

Did ya'll know this is really a tri-thermal?! I had no idea until I was editing the photos and there it was, a middle blueish version of the cool violet. Shown in two coats with topcoat.

The Soapy Chef Self Care Lotion Bar
Taking extra time to care for yourself with this delicious smelling lotion bar comes easy. It has a softer core of deep chocolate in the center and a slightly harder outer. Made with skin loving ingredients like Shea and cocoa butter, avocado and coconut oil the bar will moisten and soften your skin. The aroma will comfort you with notes of cardamom, chocolate, roasted espresso, allspice and a hint of vanilla bean.
Cap: 70 US, 5 UK

I thoroughly enjoyed trying this lotion bar, the scent is intoxicating and comforting at the same time. One of those 'close your eyes' moments as you inhale the scent. My skin just drank this up as seen in the last photo, super moisturizing. I really appreciate that the tin has a screw top lid rather than the type that pulls off - definitely saving my nails from breaks with that!

What will you be picking up?

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