Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Lollipop Posse: 2020 Playlist Collection

Inspired by Karen’s Spotify “On Repeat” 2020 playlist! Three vibrant jewel tones and three pastels, all filled with glowing, shifting Aurora shimmer. Listings will be changed to a pre-order if ready to ship stock sells out. These will launch on November 26 at 7p central in the Lollipop Posse online shop

Heat Couldn’t Melt Me: A juicy, magenta crelly filled with neon blue to purple shifting Aurora shimmer.

“He never knew what I was made of
Heat couldn’t melt me, cold couldn’t waver me.
He never knew my form or shape.
Operating from another world,
I want to be that other girl.”
-Sevdaliza, “That Other Girl”

Less is Always More: A jewel-toned grape crelly filled with a gold, peach, green, and even blue shifting Aurora shimmer.

“The lesson’s always there
That less is always more
And in the back and forth
I’m not keeping score.”
-James Blake, ft. Metro Boomin and Travis Scott, “Mile High”

All Things Go: A pale lavender crelly highlighted by a bright aqua, green, and blue shifting Aurora shimmer.

“I fell in love again,
All things go, all things go.
Drove to Chicago,
All things know, all things know.”
-Sufjan Stevens, “Chicago”

In the Flood: A vibrant, cerulean blue crelly packed with bright blue, green, and purple shifting Aurora shimmer.

“Memories burn like a forest fire,
Heavy rains turn any funeral pyre
To mud
In the flood.”
-Billie Eilish, “When I Was Older”

Play Parts of Tomorrow: A pastel clover green crelly filled with a unique Aurora shimmer that shifts between purple, pink, pastel green, and silvery blue.

“And as we all play parts of tomorrow, Lord knows,
Some ways we’ll work, and other ways we’ll play.
But I know we can’t all stay here forever,
So I wanna write my words on the face of today.”
-Blind Melon, “Change”

Everything Must Go Away: A dusky gray lavender crelly filled with a neon pink, purple, and even green to peach shifting Aurora shimmer.

“Any way we roll,
Everything must go away.
What do you say?”
-Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Dark Necessities”

Each polish is shown in three coats with topcoat. The longer my nails get, the more prominent my nail line becomes, so I think these would be fine in two coats for shorter nails or those with less visible nail lines. The formula for all of these was smooth and easy to apply.

Lollipop is having a lot of things going on during this launch, here are the details!
-Special small batch limited edition polishes (while supplies last)
-Discounted full 2020 Playlist set (10% off 11/26 - 12/03, no code needed)
-So Full of Love, free gift with purchases of $50+
-Mouth Full of Questions, doorbuster available for $6.50, while supplies last
-Discounted shades throughout the site, up to 25% off while supplies last (no code needed)
-Reduced free shipping threshold for US orders, $50 (no code needed)

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