Tuesday, November 17, 2020

KBShimmer: Love At Frost Sight collection

"It starts slowly, but before we know it, tepid air becomes chilly. Swirling flakes litter the frosted ground, and sweaters and jackets are unpacked to fight off the cold. As the outdoors freeze, we turn our attention to making our homes warm and inviting for the winter. Flannel pajamas, hot cocoa and fuzzy blankets keep us cozy while binge-watching a favorite show. Sparkling holiday d├ęcor amplifies the precious time spent with family and friends, while scents from homemade foods usher in memories of holidays past."

Inspired by being home for the holiday season, KBShimmer’s new 10-piece collection celebrates those special moments that will make this winter one to remember.
The Love At Frost Sight Collection launches Wednesday, November 25th at 10a ET.

Baking Spirits Bright
A white crelly polish loaded with micro glitters in red and green.

Bearly Awake
A blackened cerise thermal polish. When cold, a black cherry color and when warm, a bold, pink-leaning ruby hue with color-shifting flakes in shades of pink, orange and indigo.

Celebrate Good Shine
A mix of micro and small glitters in a copper and gold holographic finish combine to create mega sparkle!
Can be used as a one coat topper or built up with 2-3 coats for full coverage.

How's it Growing?
An emerald green jelly base accented by holographic micro flakes that sparkle in bright light. In low light, color-shifting flakes show off hues of orange, gold, lime and Kelly green.

Knit Happens
A bold red jelly base accented by holographic flakes, color-shifting flakes in hues of crimson, orange and gold that sparkle in bright light. In low light, you might catch shades of lime and green.

Love at Frost Sight
A sparkling silver magnetic polish. Two coats alone as shown in my photos using a magnet on each nail for a twinkling silver effect.
It can be worn over a variety of other shades magnetized or not as shown in a few of my photos nearer the end of my review.

Shamash Hit
A pale golden base with shifting hues of peach, orange, and copper. Linear holographic sparkle adds a pop of rainbow that shines in bright light.

The polish is inspired by the story of Hanukkah: "A long time ago, The Temple of Jerusalem was being rededicated after being destroyed by a King trying to eliminate the Jewish religion. Part of that ceremony involved lighting the eternal light. There was a problem though: all but one day’s worth of oil was destroyed, and it would take days to acquire more. Miraculously though, oil for one day managed to burn for eight! That miracle and dedication is now celebrated as Hanukkah: for eight days, using the Shamash, a candle is lit on the menorah to celebrate that jar of oil burning bright."
Shown here in two thick coats.

Sip Back & Relax
A deep red, wine-colored linear holographic polish. This shade is shown two ways in my photos, first under my usual studio daylight bulb lighting which really shows off the wine shade and then under a light further away and warmer in color temp which shows off that striking linear holo rainbow!

Sol Amazing
Thin flakes in a clear base that shift to shades of red, orange, gold, green and at extreme angles, aqua. Most flashy when worn over darker colors. This is the topper you have all been waiting for! The same flakes as used in Sol Blue and the Endless Summer collection! Don't sleep on this one!

Stream on, Stream Away
A deepened navy blue creme.
Even though this is described as a cream, I'd say it leans jelly or at most crelly. I really love the formula of this one, so smooth and glossy!

Next are quite a few combos of a variety of polishes from the collection!

I layred Sol Amazing on top of Celebrate Good Shine, because why not? I wanted to see just how much sparkle we can get from this combo and well, ya'll ain't ready for this!!

Next is a little nailart I did. The base is Shamash Hit topped with Sol Amazing (#TOPALLTHETHINGS) and then stamped over with a negative space stamp in black.

Sip Back & Relax is topped with Celebrate Good Shine (index), Love at Frost Sight (middle, no magnet), Love at Frost Sight (ring, magnetized with bar magnet), and last is Sol Amazing in one coat.

Stream On, Stream Away is topped with Celebrate Good Shine (index), Love at Frost Sight (middle, no magnet), Love at Frost Sight (ring, magnetized with bar magnet), and last is Sol Amazing in one coat.

All polishes are shown in two coats with topcoat unless otherwise stated. The formula for all of these were fantastic, as I've consistently found with all KBShimmer polishes.

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