Monday, December 2, 2013

Vivid Lacquer: Winter 2013

Vivid Lacquer's Winter release brings us three separate collections otherwise known as winter 2013. First, is a collab set, next an addition to the Theoretical line and finally, a trio inspired by The Princess Bride. These new polishes and several new stamping plates launched Dec 2, at 5pm CST.

Vivid Lacquer has recently rebranded her company with new labels and a slight modification to the logo, as well as new packaging in turquoise organza bags for polish, and an addition of ribbon to the stamping plate boxes. All your items will be snug as a bug in layers of bubble wrap and teal and black confetti paper shreds. How neat is that?

Oo lala! What fun to play Pin up gal with the all new Pin up collection! It contains a red and green duo collaboration between Vivid Lacquer and Jess W. Photography.

Crimson Vixens - a bright red crelly with subtle aqua, copper and red shimmer
I wore two coats with top coat to smooth it out and add a glossy shine. The polish leans a little golden/warm but is a beautiful shade!

Bettie Sage - A true mint crelly with subtle copper shimmer
What a beautiful shade of green! I don't think I have ever seen one quite like this and the hidden shimmer really makes it that much more special. Anni of Vivid Lacquer had mentioned to me she was on the hunt for the perfect shade of mint green polish. One day not long ago, I suggested that she create one since it didn't seem to exist, and here it is! Gorgeous, don't ya think?
I wore three coats with topcoat to smooth and add shine.

Theoretically Nude - A nude crelly filled with dark flecks and subtle pink shimmer. Reminiscent of a discontinued,hard to find polish.(Borghese Almondine)
I don't own the look-alike polish so I cannot compare them for you, but I can say this is an absolutely gorgeous nude shade! I don't have anything like it and those flecks and shimmers make it really unique! If you want to see a comparison, I hear that Kirsten from Glitta Gloves may be doing a comparison soonish!
I wore three coats and used top coat to smooth and gloss.

Finally, the As You Wish trio which contains a polish made especially for me by Anni of Vivid Lacquer. Any guesses which one? :D

The Sea After the Storm -A darkened teal scatter holo, filled with gold flakes
Stunning shade of rich teal, filled with sparkles from the holo shimmer and oh those gold flakes! The teal jelly colors them ever so slightly so they trick the eye in whether they're a brighter teal or actually gold! I love it when artisans design like this - such complexity makes them beautiful!
I wore two coats with topcoat for added gloss and shine. My apologies there are only two photos rather than my usual three, I accidentally saved over one of them.

Fire Swamp - A murky green jelly, packed with red shimmer for a duo-chrome effect
If you missed out on RBL's Turn it Around (sold out), never fear! Fire Swamp is not a dupe, but done in a similar color palette. The base color is a shifty lil thing! In different lighting and angles the green base may look lime or even olive! What a fun polish to wear! I got some strange looks from people trying to figure out what color it was! I used two thin coats with touch ups to cover vnl and a top coat for added shine, and although I a yellow stopper base coat I experienced staining but never fear, Anni is working to fix that!

Not A Lot of Money in Revenge - A red tinged purple jelly, packed with green shimmer for a duo-chrome effect.
If you guessed that this next polish is the one that Anni made especially for me, you're right! Its a beautiful raspberry jelly with a strong green shimmer! In some lights the shimmer morphs to other colors as you can see in my studio lighting. The up close photo really shows it off! I wore three thin coats and topcoat for added shine.

I hope you love this collection as much as I do and be sure to search around my blog for other Vivid Lacquer swatches, as she's marked everything except Winter and new plates at 20%off today (Dec 2)! She's also doing a free limited edition mystery polish if you spend $25 or TWO free mystery polishes if you spend $50! Hop on over to the shop and see what she has to offer!


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