Friday, December 6, 2013

My Ten Friends: Holiday Collections

My Ten Friends is launching two new holiday collections on Monday Dec 9th, one for Christmas "Joy to the Worlds" and the other for the New Year "Star Date 2014: Happy Frakkin New Year." I'm excited to be able to share all of them with you before the launch! As with all of their polishes, these have a great formula and varied sizes of glitter which I adore.

Rudolph In Space has red and holographic glitter plus a heavy dose of silver shimmer throughout the base. Its super sparkly and eye catching! I was pretty pleased that this had good coverage and didn't need more than two coats. Since its a heavily glittered polish, you may need a few coats of topcoat to smooth everything out.

Cosmic Christmas is a blue jelly with red, blue, and green glitter and holographic shimmers. The color combination is stunning! The polish helps me to imagine how the night sky would look on Christmas if the stars celebrated the holiday. I am always impressed when jelly polishes still show all the glitter and don't need a billion coats. I wore two coats of the polish with a coat of gelous and a coat of KBShimmer topcoat.

Astronauts See Snow is another silvery super shimmery polish with pops of a brilliant blue, turquoise and holographic glitter throughout. Again its super reflective and simply stunning! I tend to use thickish coats when I apply polish, so you may need more than two coats if you use thinner coats.

Crash and Burn also has the beautiful silver shimmer base color but with pops of black glitter. Grayscale polishes are my favorite go to polishes when I just can't decide what to wear. They go with everything. Dressed up or casual, grayscale is the answer and this one is exceptional!

Faster Than Light is the only glitter in this collection that has a clear base. Its made up of neon yellow, gold and holographic glitters and glows under black light! I don't typically wear yellow so I really had no idea what to wear underneath it. Off to the melmer I went, bottle in hand so I could hold it next to various solid colors. I was quite shocked and amazed when it looked good with every single polish I pulled out of the drawer! I had laid out twenty different colors to narrow down and choose just one. It proved quite difficult so I thought perhaps I'd do a gradient and get at least two of the colors in a shot for you...but I just couldn't narrow it down that much! So, here it is shown over twelve different colors!

(l to r - WnW Listening to Blue Reed, Elevation Higravstinden, Elevation El Cap, Elevation Mount Cangyan.)

(l to r - Urban Lacquer Little Black Undies, LynB Designs Eloquent Dust, Revlon Powder Puff, and Vivid Lacquer Crimson Vixens)

(l to r - Vivid Lacquer Theoretically Nude, China Glaze High Voltage, WnW Stand the Test of Lime, and WnW The Clock Strikes Orange)

Stars Collide is a beautiful polish made of gold and holographic glitters. Did you know that researchers have evidence that the gold on our planet comes from the collision of stars? That is where this polish got its name!

I'm always appreciative of super glittery polishes that sparkle from a distance, especially during the holidays!
The formula on all six of these was great to work with. The polishes applied evenly and the glitter spread out nicely without clumping. There was no glitter fishing or placement for the swatches, easy peasy! I tend to paint on the heavy side, so you may need a coat or more of each polish than I used if you tend to paint with thinner coats.
I used gelous and my new favorite top coat from KBshimmer to give them all a super glossy look.

My Ten Friends polishes are sold at and these sets are launching on December 9th at 8pm Central time. There are other polishes in stock there now. You can keep up with the lastest news from My Ten Friends at their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Which one of these polishes will you be rockin' on your nails this holiday season?


  1. Gorgeous holiday collection! So much sparkle.

  2. Woooo beautiful glitters!!! :D

  3. utterly fabulous swatches and closeups! and Rudolph in Space may just be the best named polish of the year lol x

    1. Thank you heaps Debbie! The close-ups are a sort of experiment - I may be changing my poses up for the New Year!

  4. Cool collection fave is Faster then light, Thank you for showing those off to us.


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