Friday, December 27, 2013

Urban Lacquer: Winter Collection phase 2

Urban Lacquer's Winter Collection phase 2 is comprised of three polishes, a glitter and two color shifters, one with holo!

Frost Covered Berries is a microglitter polish with white, silver, pink, brown, and red glitter in a clear base. It can be worn without topcoat for a texture polish effect in just two coats! All but the white glitters twinkle like crazy! Application was smooth and if applied a bit heavy, one coat will suffice. The only other polish I can compare to this one is UL's other micro glitter called Board Games from Santa which is an all matte glitter/texture polish. Both are unique in my collection.

Oh gosh, love love LOVE this multichrome called Peace! It shifts from copper to brown to a SMOKEY PURPLE! I am in LOVE love love I say! Peace is definitely unique among other multichrome polishes; at least, I have never seen one like this! Its ridiculously beautiful, I can't even! I wore two coats, but you can do it in one if a heavy coat is used. Instead of the usual three photos, I took two of each pose in different lighting and then the macro. I wanted to show off all the beauty in this polish and hope that you fall in love with it too!

MMXIV is a deep, dark grey multichrome holographic polish. I used Brenda's description because this polish looks a different color every time I look at it! Its got this smokey undertone that sometimes shows as grey, sometimes blue, sometimes green, and even reddish copper and purple in some lights! I took three shots of each pose except for the macro, again to show off the beauty of this polish. The holo is so magnificently vibrant in nearly every light! It even shows in the studio lit photos, which is rare for holos!

If you're not quite convinced, take a look at some nail art I did with Peace, MMXIV and striping tape! Each nail was done in a different desgin, three of which came from other bloggers:
Index nail design from Wink and Blush
Middle nail design from The Nailasaurus
Ring nail design was a simple striped pattern that I'm sure I've seen before, but it came to mind before I began looking online for other designs to do.
Pinky nail design is a variation from Dressed Up Nails

I hope you enjoy it, this was the very first time I've ever used striping tape and I was shocked with how easy it is to use! If nail art eludes you, try this! I know you can do it if I can!

I loved each and every one of these three polishes, but if I had to choose MMXIV would be my pick. It only won over Peace because of its holographic spark! Brenda at Urban Lacquer has really outdone herself with this trio.

Grab yours on Saturday 12/28 at 3:00pm Central from the Urban Lacquer shop and follow the facebook page for updates.


  1. Wow, these are all awesome. I think my fave would have to be Frost Covered Berries, its just stunning

  2. Great colors and swatches! Love the manicure at the end :)

  3. These are great colors. You did a great job with the swatches/ review

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I rarely do nail art, but those two polishes were just begging for it! lol


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