Friday, November 29, 2013

Urban Lacquer: Winter collection

Hello and Happy Black Friday shopping! I've got an awesome collection from Urban Lacquer to share with you, and not a lot of time to write so I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves. Besides, who doesn't like a picture story?!

Before we get started, I wanted to say happy anniversary to Brenda at Urban Lacquer! I've been swatching for her since November last year! It sure feels like yesterday!

Promo info:

If you got last year's set, you'll notice that a few of the new polishes this year were inspired by them, only, kicked up a notch and different!

Extreme Mall Matte-ness - one coat of amped up matte glitters worn over Twinkling Elf from 2012.

Comparison swatch of Extreme Mall Matte-ness and Mall Matte-ness.

Robo Elf - Two coats with touch ups of this gorgeous jelly with green sparkly glitter. I see a holiday theme with this one, last year's was Twinkling Elf!

Chimney Burn is a shifty lil thang! I wore one coat over WnW Black Cream, love this one!

Although I couldn't capture all the colors it shifts to, I caught a few and put them in a collage for easier side by side comparison. I did see an emerald green shift in low light which you can sort of see in the top left corner image.

And by customer request, this is Chimney Burn compared to Orly Space Cadet. (left to right, SC, CB, SC, CB) While both are shifty the coloration is quite different.

Glittery and Bright 2013 is a new version of last year's Glittery and Bright. The new version has larger glitters, more glitter payoff in one coat, more holo glitter and a clear base.

Comparison swatch: 2012, 2013, 2012, 2013

Lit up Like the Tree is a super holographic silver and gold blend of beautiful glitters! I wore just one coat over Robo Elf and look at the glitter payoff! When I was deciding what to swatch this one on top of, I immediately eyeballed Robo Elf, which is funny because I swatched last year's gold glitter topper over dark green too!

Comparison left to right: Dazzle Me Darling (2012), Lit up Like the Tree, Dazzle Me Darling (2012), Lit up Like the Tree

Last, but certainly not least is Board Games from Santa a sparkly texture polish! The red is sparkly and the white and green are matte glitters. This can be worn dabbed on in one coat, or brushed on in two. I wore no topcoat in the first three photos, and added Gelous and HK Girl in the last three photos for extra shine!

With topcoats:

I hope you have enjoyed the photo story and will shop at Urban Lacquer's Etsy shop today. Remember to use promo code WINTER25 for 25% off your entire order November 29, 1pm Central through December 2, 11pm Central time!
Definitely a sale you don't want to miss this year, this is the best discount offered by Urban Lacquer this year!


  1. Super pretty! And your nails are gorgeous too! I'm in love with Extreme Mall Matte-ness and am off to check out the Etsy ship!

    1. Thank you so much! <3 I think Extreme Mall Matte-ness is pretty versatile too! It'd look great over pink, bright blue, black, grey and purple and well - what combo do you plan to use?


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