Sunday, March 18, 2012

Coffee Wishes

I recently saw a coffee flavor posted at the Bath board on MUA called coconut marshmallow. It sounded heavenly and so I planned to order a package of it. Only thing is, it was ground already and did not come in decaf. Since I drink coffee both at night and in the morning, I like to get decaf so I don't have to worry with it keeping me up at night. I also much prefer whole bean, the stuff that's already ground just doesn't taste that fresh to me.

So I went searching for a coffee in this flavor that would suit my needs and I stumbled upon an ebay shop called Coffee Wishes. They had a heap of flavored and gourmet coffees both, as well as tea and coffee makers! I spotted a Marshmallow Cream coffee so I went to the product page and found that they let you choose decaf or regular and whole bean, french press, or drip grind. Perfecto! So I ordered that one and the Coconut Cream one. I cannot wait to receive them!!

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