Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Literary Lacquer: Community Collaboration wrap up

Going out with a bang from 2013 into 2014! Happy New Year!
My last post of the year wraps up the Community Collection from Literary Lacquer. You can see the other six polishes in the collection here, here and here! They are all excellent and delightful to wear.

Thermodynamics is a sheer cherry red jelly polish with a blue glass fleck and a touch of blue iridescent glitter and was designed by Alex of Sparkly Vernis to represent the course load currently occupying all available space in her brain..

I wore two coats over white and its the most eye-catching, on fire, neon coral I've ever laid eyes on. PLUS + + it has purpley shimmer!!! Heart. Stolen. Its beautiful and super squishy like a fresh cherry jello pop with sun rays beaming through it! Its also a multi-tasking polish, wear it over other colors for a completely different effect or make a glitter sandwich with a glitter topper! Could this polish be any more amazing than this?

Perhaps stamped (Vivid Lacquer plate VL 001) and layered over black?

Sidewalk's End is a semi-sheer grey holographic polish with multicolored glass fleck and was designed by LA Salzy, one of my (Amy's) biggest supporters and also one of my (Amy's) favorite nail polish fanatics! The polish represents Where the Sidewalk Ends, a hysterical and sometimes poignant collection of children's poems by Shel Silverstein.

I read this book a lot as I was growing up and I still love each poem in it. The polish suits the book so well! Its a lovely almost white holographic polish. I wore two coats over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls to try and keep it as close to its true color as possible. Perfect for any occasion and skin tone, definitely one to pick up!

As the Waltz Was Ending is a delicate pinky-purple crelly holographic polish designed by Lacey of My Boyfriend Hates Makeup to represent one of her favorite books, As the Waltz Was Ending by Emma MacAlik Butterworth. The book is a beautifully written autobiography of Emmy's experiences when her career as a ballerina at the Vienna Opera is cut short by the Nazi invasion of Vienna and the Russian occupation during World War II.

I was so happy when Pantone announced that orchid is the color of the year! I'm a purple fiend and this is one of those shades that I can never say no to. Amy has bettered the color of the year by adding a stunning holographic sparkle! Insanely beautiful, opaque in just two coats, perfect formula as usual, need I say more?

Shift of Fate is a green to gold color shifting linear holographic polish designed by Olivia Farr of Morning Nailspiraton to represent one of her favorite books, Jackaroo by Cynthia Voigt.

My other favorite color is green and this one is gorgeous! Its opaque in two coats, super vibrant linear holo, gold highlights at some angles and, of course, a perfect formula!

I have to say, I have been very impressed with Amy and her Literary Lacquers this year. I'm so thankful I had the chance to work with her and try out her polishes. I don't typically do top lists, but this one would be up there in the top five if I ranked them. I say top five because I'd have to do some serious side by side comparing of each aspect of polish to decide which one would get the top slot, so in my mind, without doing a comparison of said polishes, its a tie. :)

OH YEAH! Did you want a link to get these and other stunning LL polishes of your very own? And perhaps a discount code for 20% off? Have a peep at her shop and use code: HAPPY2014 Stay in the know via the facebook page.

Happy New Year to you all! Be safe!


  1. What awesome colors these all are! Great swatches as usual :)

    1. Aren't they! And guess what!! You got the last word in on my blog in 2013! Woo woo!! Thanks so much for being such a loyal reader Lisa! :D


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