Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nail Fantasies: Twist and Shout

What a blast from the past! Nail Fantasies used to be carried by Walmart at least three years ago, maybe longer. I haven't seen this brand anywhere since it was discontinued but I happen to have a bottle of it to share with you today.

Twist and Shout is a beautiful lime green cream. It reminds me of warm summer days and the "put the lime in the coconut" song!

Nail Fantasies Twist and Shout

The application was a little tricky with streaking, but three coats fixed it right up.

What is your favorite shade of green polish and have you worn your green lately?


  1. Amazing!!
    I love this color :)

  2. Gorgeous on you! Flawless application too :)

  3. ooo i was about to buy this brand off a website but then i saw walmart's description on it:

    i wonder what the safety alert is about :(

    1. Because it is flammable, Walmart requires it to be in its original packaging if you're going to return it.

      Any Health and Beauty product that is designated as orm-d has this requirement from Walmart. You can click the link to the return policy on the page where you found the safety alert to read more.

    2. oh good! i thought they meant everyone had to return it like it was a recall or something, haha!!! i'm dumb! thanks :)


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