Saturday, October 20, 2012

Urban Lacquer Grand Opening!

Urban Lacquer is a new indie polish brand that I had the honor of testing a few prototypes for. The grand opening will be Sunday October 21st.

Brenda from Urban Lacquer sent two polishes to me for free to test, first is #64 which is now named "The Blue" in acknowledgement to all of the gals at the blue forum that helped test the polishes.

The Blue is packed full of square and hex shaped blue and turquoise holo glitter. The base is slightly tinted turquoise, but it can be worn over most colors or on its own.

I chose to wear The Blue over Revlon Blue Lagoon, which really makes the glitter pop!

When I wore this polish, it reminded me of my vacation to Hawaii and how the Pacific ocean reflects the sun, so gorgeous and calming.

The bright green flash you see on the nail is the holo glitter at work! Its so freaking sparkly, I couldn't stop looking at it while I wore it!

Brenda had us all fill out a survey for each polish, so I've included it below:

--What do you think of the formula? Was it easy to apply? How many coats did it take to achieve the desired color/coverage?
Formula was very smooth and easy to apply. A good amount of glitter went on in one coat and was spread around pretty evenly. I love a glitter bomb, so I used two coats and it was just right for me!

--How long did the polish stay on your nails?
I've been wearing this nearly a week, and took the swatch photos today.

--What do you think of the color? Were you satisfied with the level of pigmentation (if applicable)?
I absolutely LOVE the turquoise color of the glitter, the holo glitter, all the different shapes and sizes as well.

--Would you purchase a polish from UL?
Absolutely! Yes!

--Thoughts, suggestions, criticism, etc - please provide any additional feedback! Also, feel free to post swatches - I would love to see any photos!
I received a HEAP of compliments from my coworkers. They all love it, even the gal that ONLY wears pink! Its like wearing princess's jewels on my fingers. So sparkly, very eye catching and beautiful.

Be sure to visit Brenda at Urban Lacquer on Sunday to get yours!


  1. YAY it's happening soon! She is a talented sweetie & as always, your swatch does her polish justice. Beautiful Jen. Just great!


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