Saturday, October 27, 2012

Witches Warts and Mystics Fortunes

Happy Halloween! :D

I had a happy discovery at Walgreen's a few weeks ago when I found the Loreal LE Project Runway polishes. I chose my favorite of the three to try out first, The Mystic's Fortune. In the bottle it was the most gorgeous glowy blurple I'd laid eyes on.

On the nail, not so much. The beautiful glowyness has mostly vanished and it was kind of gloopy during application. I used one coat of Seche Vite top coat and the polish ate it.

Perhaps with more topcoat and some sunlight it'd be like the bottle shot, but I decided to go ahead and top it with glitter instead.

Witches Warts from Lacquistry is absolutely stunning in the bottle and on the nail. It was a joy to apply and just look at all those holo glitters! So sparkly! This polish contains holo green, black matte, green matte glitters, each in different sizes. Take a look!

Jenna from Lacquistry says she is on a constant path of creation and inspiration making polish for lacquer-heads from a lacquer-head. Her polishes are made with a clear base and glitters, micas, and pigments - no frankens. All of her polishes are B3F and available via her Etsy Shop.

What are you wearing for Halloween?

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