Saturday, October 20, 2012

Urban Lacquer #75

The second polish that I got for free and tested from Urban Lacquer is number 75. A grey jelly base with purple, fuchsia, turquoise, and silver glitter in a mix of squares and hex shapes.

The formula was thick, I think a couple drops of thinner would make it perfect. I used two coats alone and am happy with how opaque it is.

So sparkly and unusual compared to other indie polishes I have in my collection.

Getting close up shows off the glitter shapes and colors:

This polish most likely won't be available at the grand opening, Brenda is working to make the formula better. :)

Brenda had us each fill out a survey for the polish testing so I've included that here too.

--What do you think of the formula? Was it easy to apply? How many coats did it take to achieve the desired color/coverage?
For the most part it was easy to apply. It was a little on the thick side, and left a few bald spots. Perhaps thinning the base would fix it? The color was opaque in two coats which is awesome!

--How long did the polish stay on your nails?
I just put it on last night, and I'm using Yellow Stopper underneath it so its gonna peel off in a couple days. I am sure it would last a while though, I haven't met a polish yet that doesn't last at least 7 days on me.

--What do you think of the color? Were you satisfied with the level of pigmentation (if applicable)?
Its very pretty, but its not my top choice from what I've seen you create so far. :)

--Would you purchase a polish from UL?

You can get yours on Sunday October 21st, 7pm cst at her grand opening!

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