Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hit Polish: Sunflowers

"There is no blue without yellow and without orange." -- Vincent Van Gogh

This was my answer in a recent naming contest held by Hit Polish on her facebook page.
She chose three winners, and I happened to be one of them!

Sunflowers has light blue, yellow and orange matte glitters in squares and hexes as well as a coppery orange micro glitter.

It was a breeze to apply, no dabbing or reswiping or digging in the bottle.

I wore one coat of Sunflowers over Loreal's Brownie Points, which is a stunning dark chocolately brown.

The glitter is fairly flat so without topcoat its surprisingly smoother than most glitter polishes. I went ahead and topped it with HKG though, because I like a glassy look!

Sunflowers is available on November 1st at the Hit Polish shop on Etsy.

What's your favorite Hit Polish?


  1. I have to pick just one favorite?? This is so gorgeous! I'm going to be doing Autumn Harvest over Forbidden Fudge by Sally Hansen..but also ADORE Neapolitan...and probably going to have to get Strawberrific soon! ;)

    1. Its tough to only choose one isn't it?
      I will check those out, thanks! :D


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