Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wahm's Scented Wax haul and review

(Links removed due to company closure)
Tat: super fast for made to order
Overall impression: Made of win!

I stumbled on this company completely by accident - won't you join me in this journey of a new (to me) tart maker?

First I have to say, I was blown away at the cold scent throw these gave -through- all the stuffing and wrapping. It left me quite speechless before I even saw or sniffed everything.

Mmmmmmm YUM! Smell that? Get a good whiff! And just look at the way she has packaged everything, so cheery an bright! I love it!

I spotted the souffle cups first, so reached for those.
Vanilla Berry Mocha - This smells like heaven! (just like its name) The berries, I believe are raspberries, and the coffee in this...omg! It smells like a fresh latte from starbucks - nothing artificial about this. I could totally drink it if it was liquid.

Banana Bread Pudding - A hint of cinnamon, a touch of yeast, and a little banana. Very yummy scent!
If these throw hot like they do cold, I will be a loyal customer for as long as I melt wax. Yep, these two little teeny cups were that impressive to me.

These were all freebies:
Ocean Breeze (frosted cookie, too cute!)- I keep saying I don't like fresh, ozone, or clean smells but I keep finding more of those types of scents that I DO like. So there must be variation within those scent groups. This one, I do like. Its a nice soft, calming oceanic scent.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream - A whole scoop! This certainly smells just like the real thing! Buttery, Vanilla and pecans. And just look how cute!

Pink Strawberry Shake - omg heaven in a tart, strawberries, pink sugar, vanilla shake -- really what could be better? Its a scalloped cute tart, she layered it with red white and blue for july 4th. :)

More frosted cookies, yay!
Pink Sugar Noel - why have I waited so long to order this scent from any tart maker? someone bop me over the head! I absolutely love it!

Coffee Noel - How could I resist this? It also has the wonderfully realistic just made latte scent along with vbn. And just look how cute they are! NOM!

Now for the really special shaped tarts -- PIES!

This one is Banana Berry Zucchini Bread and lemme tell ya, it is made of win. Four layered slices decorated with candies and little wax spheres and the scent, to DIE for! Its a nice sweet banana, berries and Zucchini bread. Its blended in a way that the scents are very well balanced.

Divine Cake - Yummy white cake laced with traces of marshmallow fluff, sweetened raspberries and strawberries, topped off with a delicious buttercream frosting.
~~ Just like its name, its divine! This is a close your eyes and take a huge whiff kind of scent. :)

And lastly, Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Now this one smells just like bittersweet chocolate covered raspberries taste, I kid you not. No plastic or fake fruits here. I absolutely love this one too.

And the family photo:
Those colors in the background is the tissue paper from the box. I ironed and folded it for reuse.

Julie included a hand written note, a typed out thank you note, a business card and a 10% off next purchase, plus three freebie tarts all in scents I adore.

Overall, I am quite blown away. She was very responsive (within minutes) on both facebook and email. Tat was fast for made to order: order placed June 27 // received July 5. Her shipping packaging was top notch, and rivals some high end bath and body etailers. Super friendly, quite a gem.

Opening that box left me completely speechless. Took me two hours from start to finish to write this review. Yep, speechless.

How to find her: (Links removed due to closure)
Her website isn't up yet, but if you visit her facebook page then you will be able to check the discussion tab for scent lists and pricing. :)
She has sale on occasion, so check her place often!

These products were bought with my own hard earned money and my review was not influenced by anyone or anything other than the products and my own experience.


  1. You did an awesome job with this Jen. I too love the little presents. Its like your own little party going on when you open them. You were very lucky when stumbled upon Wahm's, and anyone else that does, won't regret it. Her products definitely stand alone. Thank you again for sharing with us. Peggy Baker

  2. Absolutely! I'm already plotting a second order! :D


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