Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sherri's Soap Opera


The soap and scrub are both scented in pink sugar, my very favorite scent! Sherri's dupe is excellent! Noms!

Bar soap: cold processed, very creamy with great lather. I love it!
Scrub: Nice and scrubby, love the texture and bubbling action going on here! :)
Freebie: a slice of orange creamsicle soap, it smells yummy and is just as nice of a soap as the pink sugar bar.

See the scrub close up!

Both of these photos were taken after use, I just could not wait - had to use them immediately! :) The soap had a piece about a quarter inch thick cut off of one end and the scrub has a huge scoop out of it.

Many thanks to Sherri, for wonderful products, fast shipping and great customer service!

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