Sunday, July 31, 2011

Savor small order review

Savor on Etsy

Savor ran a special through the day where they posted certain products through the day in limited amounts at a discounted price! I had forgotten about it until the last two hours, but it was so fun watching for the items to be listed and being ready to pounce!
I had my eye on this soap for a long while now, as well as the pistachio rosewater cake soap. I was lucky enough to snag a bar! The tat was great, the CS was great - I'm very happy with my purchase!

Lychee Rose Goat's Milk Soap - a fruity and floral combo of exotic lychee and romantic red roses. Almost like a raspberry or cherry in its sweet scent, the lychee note dances perfectly with the lush and fragrant rose.
This soap is made with creamy goat's milk.
Size:5 oz

I got this on the Savor Saver Saturday and I love how this smells. Soft rose with a tart top note of lychee. I haven't used it yet, but Savor gets a lot of raves so I've no doubt it'll be great. :)

I got a freebie of pistachio and rosewater cake soap which smells just like the rose cake I eat at a little greek restaurant every weekend. How did she know?! Loving it, and may need to order more. :)

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