Saturday, July 9, 2011

Latherati Haul and Review

Latherati -
ordered 6/25 arrived 7/7
(one week to make the ambition body cream for me, it was out of stock)

Shipping overage of 1.90, and a broken lotion pump, dented cream lids.
I contacted her and within minutes she refunded the shipping and offered to replace the lotion and all three creams.How above and beyond is that for cs? I replied thanking her and said that a replacement pump or flip top cap would be just fine for my lotion bottle. She said she'd probably send a new bottle of lotion if she didn't have an extra pump. Waiting for that to arrive, but I totally trust what she has told me. Her quick action, apologetic and soft toned emails, along with her offer to replace more than half my order totally wowed me.

Body Cream - These are pretty thick and nice, but not overly heavy. They do take a bit to absorb, but when they do my skin feels very soft and smells lovely. They're about the consistency of a thick pudding, and contain some really great skin loving ingredients. Avocado oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, mango seed oil, and glycerin - yes please!

Body Lotion - loose pudding is how I'd describe this but it can still hold a stiff peak. Absorbs quickly and feels nice on the skin. Contains cyclomethicone for that soft powdery/silky feel, shea butter to moisturize, glycerin to draw moisture to the skin and jojoba oil.

Edp - haven't tried it yet. sorry!

lip balm - Sinister - cotton candy and black licorice.
~~I really like this lip balm. Its similar to lip smackers in how it applies and stays on, it doesn't turn greasy/messy like most etailers I've tried. I really dig the oval shaped tube, no more rolling around all over my desk. This one is definitely staying on my desk at home, for that very reason. I wish more etailers would use oval shaped tubes. The flavor is great and her balm contains avocado oil and mango seed butter, two great moisturizing ingredients. It also contains coconut oil (long shelf life) and caster oil but I haven't read about the skin benefits of those two.

sample of Gloom lip balm - honey rose flavored. I sniffed and like it! :D

solid perfume - CELEBRATION - The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald - a party of sparkling champagne, creamy orange and a hint of juicy strawberries
~~I really like this scent the best of all those I ordered. I wish I had gotten it in a body cream too. I have only tried it once so far and I'd say this one didn't have as much longevity compared to an edp or oil, and was quite light after applied.

Fanciful - a gorgeous blend of relaxing lavender, cedarwood, cardamom, warm amber, spicy pepper, vetiver and tonka bean. Herbal and earthy but sweet.
~~She included a solid perfume sample of this so I'll have to compare this to celebration's longevity and throw. This smells like rosemary, lavender and mint to me - reminds me of something I've smelled at a Ren Fair before but I can't place it. Its yummy though. :)

CURIOUSER - Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll - sweet orange marmalade, white cake, tea and a hint of black pepper
~~This is similar in description to HoG's Elevenses and slightly similar in scent, but different enough that its not a dupe. I can smell each single scent in this, except for the black pepper. In the jar, I could take it or leave it but when I wear it I like how it changes on me, to a kind of white chocolatey scent with a hint of orange.

MATCHMAKER - Emma, Jane Austen - ripe strawberries, orchid and a touch of plum
~~I like all the single notes in this, but blended there is something I just don't really love about it. I don't know if its the orchid or plum but one of these things just doesn't belong, at least to my nose. I really want to like this, so I may let it cure a while and come back to it.

Ambition - warm, tangy ginger and tart lemon with a bottom note of cedarwood
~~Lemon fresh pledge is what I get - needs to cure so the cedarwood and ginger can come out to play. :)

Alter Ego Dr. Jekyll version - light and airy with ozone & sea spray notes intermingled with linden blossom
~~I like this one, its light and fresh, almost breezy. If you were relaxing on the front steps of beach house with a nice flowerbed nearby, this is probably how the air around you would smell.

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