Monday, July 11, 2011

CFTKR Haul and Review
Ordered 7/1
Arrived 7/9

Before I get started, I've not smelled any of the original LUSH scents mentioned in my review so I can't give a comparison.

I also didn't take a family photo, it wouldn't all fit on my mini studio table. o.o

So first up, freebies!

I was pretty overwhelmed at how many were in this box! My first order with her was about the same size and I received three or four single tarts. This blew me away. :)

Trisha's Pink Cake - my friend Trisha came up with this blend...and it is yummy....a mix of our yummy sweet white cake and our infamous pink sugar....this is excellent.
~~oh my, this is delicious! pink sugar and cake, yes two helpings please!

Caramelized Apple Praline - our sweet apple mixed with a caramel and pralines..sweet yet has the apple to tone down the sweetness.. excellent!
~~oh yeah, this is very yummy, very autumn! Saving this one for fall!

Vanilla Sugar Cookie - A super rich, buttery vanilla cookie with sugar crystals on the bottom notes
~~definitely super rich, and perhaps a touch caramelly smelling to me.

Pink Sugar Passion Berry - a fabulous new blend, many different kind of sweet berries...and blended with our infamous pink sugar..after melting this will have a passion for berries
~~yay for a dupe in my order! I love this scent and will probably order more when these are gone.

Amish Friendship Bread - the aroma of fresh baked bread with notes of raisin, nut, and a hint of strawberry. This is not a yeast type bread, more of a sweet dessert bread.
~~Very cinnamon-y with a sweet bread background. Very nice and homey smelling.

Raspberry Coconut Cake - our yummy cake, topped with sweet raspberries..they coconut mixed with a sweet cream cheese frosting
~~Yummy as described, but the coconut has a barely there bit of a plasticy smell to it. I like it anyway!

Exotic Passion Fruit - A body shop type-a exotic tropical blend of pineapples, strawberries, peaches, orange and coconunt making this a fun flirty scent.
~~I smell banana in this too, its super yummy! perhaps a reorder.

Cranberry Zucchini Bread - our sweet spiced cranberry with our fresh Zucchini Bread, with notes of freshly grated zucchini, cinnamon and spices.
~~ a little spicy a little tart and sweet comforting zucchini bread. yummy!

Carol offered these samplers as a one time deal, so I got two of them. There are ten tarts in each bag. I thought it would be a great way for me to get acquainted with Lush scents. :)

candy cream - interpretation of Candy Creme type. Fresh citrus highlights thisrich blend of fruit and sugar. Hints of cinnamon create a warm accent for the wild grape accord at the heart of the scent, as rich undertones of fruitwood adds deminsion. Sugared musk blends with creamy strawberry at the base of the fragrance.
~~Just as described, but I'm having trouble picking up the grape scent. I like this one, it'll be a strong melter!

tick tock - interpretation of Tuca Tuca...Orange and Clove add a bright accent to this rich blend of herb and flowers....Sweet Basil balances with the jasmine a theheart of the fragrance, as exotic appeal of patchouli and balsami tones. Amber and sugared vanilla beans are surrounded by sandalwood for a rich, creamy base to the scent.
~~I get jasmine, amber and vanila, not really picking up the patchouli or sandalwood. I like this one pretty well.

I want cake - interpretation of Let them Eat Cake-by Tokyo Milk-This is a delicious upscale vanilla scent. It opens with a soft, sweet blend of sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, ending with a note of white musk.
~~I have another dupe of this but from LSC, and they are similar, but I like this one better. Its a little fresher smelling and a little lighter on the musk notes.

Kazi Kazi - interpretation of way to describe this fragrance it is a powdery blend of Dragons Blood and Patchouli. This scent is for all you earthy loving fragrance lovers..
~~definitely not for me.You don't want to know what I think this smells like!

Blue Bubblegum Crush - an interpretation of Candy Fluff-remember the days of the blue bubblegum snow cone with notes are fruity with a hint of rose, middle note of jasmine and violet and bottom notes of musk and vanilla.
~~Smells just like the candy fluff in my MCS scrub. This is super yummy and I think it'll burn really strong.

Snow Drops - an interpretation of Snow Cakes. this oil is limited. This is scent is a warm scent, honey,marzipan-almond, rose, cassis and benzoin.
~~I've wanted to sniff this scent for a while now! I like it pretty well, I am getting some cinnamon in this as well as the other notes mentioned.

Liquid Crack - interpretation of Rock Star..Funky and fun frgrance with sweet, fruity notes that leave a fizzy taste in your imagination-pure sugar, reminds me of the old fashion ribbon candy suckers. Yum
~~I really like this one, it smells similar to my mcs scrub of the same scent. a little bubble gummy but mostly fruity, really nice!

B. Better than Ever - an interpretation of B Scent type..This indulgent blend of spice and flowers is sure to please. Grapefruit and orange lead to a classic blend of jasmine, ylang, petit grain, and rose. a blend of warm spices adds intrigue. Soft undertones of moss and musk sweetened with vanilla to create lingering appeal.
~~definitely not for me.You don't want to know what I think this smells like!

Fluff is never enough - interpretation of Keep it Fluffy. Fresh lemon adds sparkle to this luxuriously soft blend. a spiced floral accord at the heart of the fragrance leads to the base of velvet musk, as hints of wood create caressing warmth. A final touch of vanilla sweetens this fragrance.
~~a soft, yet warm inviting and clean scent. Reminds me of something from my tween years, Debbie Gibson Electric Youth perfume.

Cloudy Skies - interpretation of Silver Clouds. A hint of mint lifts this complex blend of fruity floral and spice. Wild rose and orange flower to get a fresh accent of the fir needle, as a spiced wood accord creates dimension with this scent. Rich fruit notes of creamed berry and peach linger with the base notes of clear musk and sensual amber.
~~smells like those spiced gumdrops from around Christmas time! I'd take a bite but I reckon it wouldn't taste like I expect.

1 Im in the Pink No. 43
Pink sugar licorice - a great blend of sweet realistic licorice and our infamous pink sugar
~ as described!

Pink sugared milk - a blend of our yummy sugar milk and pink sugar
~~sweetened condensed milk and ps, yum!

Pink sugared confetti - our yummy pink sugar mixed with confetti frosting... A wonderful, fresh sweet fruity wild berry with top notes of mixed berries, tart lemon, pear and strawberry, a rich, milky butter cream middle note with hints of coconut, banana, plum - rose and maple, and a woody, ambery, musky and sweet sugary vanilla base note.
~~yummy ps and frosted birthday cake!

Pink sugar serendipity - this is a super sweet concoction....sweet thick creamy vanilla with powdered sugar..sweet cherry, sweet orange and citrus...and a hint of fresh coconut...and then all whipped together with our infamous pink sugar
~~this is like the fruity version of pink macaroon, very yummy!

Pink sugared passion berry - a fabulous new blend, many different kind of sweet berries...and blended with our infamous pink sugar..after melting this will have a passion for berries
~~very nice and fresh, a little greapfuity smelling. I think this will be a nice strong burner!

Pink sugared blueberry - a yummy blend of sweet blueberry and our infamous pink sugar
~~refreshing, I get a light fresh blueberry and ps, I think this one will be strong!

1 New Cakes No. 45
Cotton candy party cakes - our sweet blend of sweet spun cotton candy and a delicious white cake.
~~as described, yum!

Absolutely fabulous cake - The creme de la creme of cakes! Rich, moist white cake with hints of silky, white chocolate and sweet cream; shredded, toasted coconut coated with sweet vanilla nestled inside. This fabulous creation is topped with luscious mounds of rich sweet butter cream frosting.
~~as described, very yummy smelling!

Pink frosted layer cake - Philosophy Type. So decadent! A whisper of sweet pink tickles your nose with your first sniff! A rich accord of cake batter flirts with fresh strawberry jumping head over heels into the sweet undertones of butter cream and vanilla sugar to complete this totally decadent delight!
~~as described, very yummy!

Lemon summer cake - a sweet cake with little zests of lemon and sweet sugars.
~~Wonderfully scented! The best lemon meringue pie you'll ever sniff! This is a reorder and a must have.

Apricot party cake - a sweet baked cake with sweet apricot jam layered in between and an apricot glaze on top..a summery fruity cake.
~~gah this smells so good! It reminds me of those peach ring gummy candies.

Velvet brown sugar nut cake - This fragrance begins with top notes of dark chocolate, strawberry syrup, and red currant; followed by middle notes of cocoa powder, buttermilk, brown sugar , sugar cane and sweet bakery nuts..while sitting on base notes of creamy Tonka bean, and vanilla extract
~~as described, yummy!

Baked Banana Cake - A new creation inspired by one of my wonderful customers, a sweet baked cake, swirled inside the batter sweet ripe bananas and then iced with a creamy banana cream frosting
~~To me this smells just like real bananas, sweetened up a touch by the cake and frosting. I really like this one! blondeangel, have you tried this one out yet?

Creamy comfort - this is a house blend, sweet sugars and sweet cream, blended with bakery flours and love, give you this wonderful comfort scent..creamy and rich.
~~Yep, I really like this one it definitely is comforting. Its kind of a subtle/softened up sweetened condensed milk kind of scent. Lovin it!

Strawberry Milk-This is yummy..sweet cream milk, mixed fresh strawberries..all stirred together to give this a realistic really does have the aroma of strawberry milk.
~Smells exactly like strawberry milk, pretty amazing!

Blackberry Jam Flapjacks-we have blended our sweet yummy blackberry jam butter cookie with our yummy flapjack ..a real comfort scent
~~hoooMG! I love this scent! It smells just like buttery pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and blackberry jam. Gah I want to eat this!

Fresh Picked Strawberry-what can I say, this is the best most realistic strawberry around..lingers for hours..and will fill the room right out with this delicious aroma
~~Very very sweet sugared strawberries. I really love this scent but its more of a candy-ish scent to my nose, almost cotton candy like. Gah I should have gotten more than one cuttable cake in this! reorder!

I am very pleased with my purchase and feel that Carol has outdone herself! Her tat was super fast during her grand opening sale and she was very generous with freebies. I love most of what I ordered and can't wait to melt these!

I would definitely recommend CFTKR to others and will may a third order myself eventually!

For my other reviews, hover my username and just click when you see "my reviews" pop up. It will take you to my review mega thread. This review will be added there shortly. Thanks for reading!

These wax melts were bought and paid for by me with my own hard earned money; my opinion is my own and was not influenced by anyone.

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