Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sarah's Wax N Wix haul and review

Sarah's Wax N Wix at facebook
(hopefully the link will work, if not just use the fb search bar!)

Tat was quick, custom blends included!
Very communicative, and fast with emails! Pleasant and very open to scent suggestions.

I requested several custom blends and Sarah delivered! :D The descriptions below are my own.

Lavender Luxury and toasted marshmallow blended - A fresh, not herbal, smelling lavendar blended with toasted marshmallow. definitely yummy! I'm loving lav/marsh blends of just about any kind lately.

hot fudge brownie and toasted marshmallow blended - omg, this smells like hot cocoa, dead on. I absolutely LOVE it!

kiwi watermelon and coconut lime verbena blended - very fruity and cheery, exactly what I was after with this blend!

pink sugar, strawberry cheesecake and toasted marshmallow blended - OMG I am in love here. Sweet strawberries, gooey marshmallows, and rich sinful cheesecake, plus pink sugar! More please! I love this on cold sniff, its a dessert lover's dream!

pumpkin apple butter and toasted marshmallow blended - I asked for this blending thinking that the marshmallow might soften up what is usually a very cinnamony pumpkin, but this one is still very cinnamony. It smells great, I'm just not real crazy about cinnamon scents right now. xD

7 up pound cake - I get lemon, lime and then I get a sweet cakey scent - I'm thinking light and fluffy white cake more so than heavy yellow pound cake. Loving this!

pink fizz- this is pink sugar and 7up pound cake blended, very yummy!

pink pancakes - I get a really creamy buttercream note in this and sweet cake - I'm guessing the pancakes are buttermilk pancakes! There's just a hint of pink sugar, which I think is good, otherwise this might be overly sweet. Very nice blend!

Sweet Orange Chili Pepper - yummy orange with a kick. I like it!
Cucumber Melon - just like the bbw scent.

I've melted a pink fizz tart from this haul and it had good throw and was long lasting like my other favorite etailers. Her wax is quite unusual, its solid and doesn't feel squishy like most soy melts. Its almost got this powdery/silky texture to it. How cool is that? All the scents were very strong on cold sniff. I have had these at least 2-3 weeks, and the cups have cracked on a few, she has since changed containers.
I could definitely see a reorder from Sarah's Wax n Wix in the future.

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