Friday, February 3, 2023

Polish Pickup: Movie Quotes

Available at Polish Pickup Feb 3-6 are exclusive and limited edition products from a variety of companies, all for sale in one place. I have items from Great Lakes Lacquer and KBShimmer to share with you!

Great Lakes Lacquer - Yes, Very Sad. Anyway...
Inspired by the one and only (HA! See what Mariah did there?) God of Mischief. She acknowledges she went off the big screen for this one, but she absolutely could not help it.
A moody, greyed out teal featuring a soft linear holographic, holographic microflake (metalure), and iridescent flake violet red, orange, gold, and some green.
no planned cap

KBShimmer - Tastes Like
Suspending belief in reality, getting lost in a story, and traveling with our eyes and heart to another world are what make movies so special. One of Christy's favorite movies took her on a journey to a chocolate factory, where a gleaming ticket of gold allowed our hero to experience a river of chocolate, lickable wallpaper, and fizzy soda, all with the goal of getting an everlasting treat. That purple coat and singing cast took her away and caused many a chocolate bar to be opened slowly, hoping for her own glimmer of gold. 

Tastes Like is inspired by the infamous scene with the tasty fruit-decorated wallpaper. An array of colorful flakes mirror the yummy fruits, while a bold purple base helps the flakes pop. The result is a fun, though not lickable, polish you're sure to love. Shown in two coats with topcoat. KBShimmer also loves this shade with a matte topcoat for maximum flake goodness. 

KBShimmer Zesty Lemon Hand & Body Scrub
Fresh, tart, and not too sweet, Zesty Lemon scrub has notes of fresh lemon zest along with a hint of juicy grapefruit. Subtle white musk notes anchor this refreshing scrub for a scent anyone will enjoy. The bright citrus notes make this the perfect scrub to keep in the kitchen for use after spring garden prep, or in your bathroom to help you embrace the morning.

I am definitely adding this scent to my favorites list! I love that lemony freshness and using this right before my pink sugar body lotion is a fantastic combo!! If I had the pink sugar scrub, I'd mix it w/this. Pink Sugar Lemon all the things!

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