Thursday, February 9, 2023

Great Lakes Lacquer Group Custom Duo

Available at Great Lakes Lacquer from Feb 8th through the 18th. To purchase, you must be a member of the Rainbow & Unicorn Pee Facebook (FB) Group. Membership will be verified by Mariah after the order is placed. If your facebook name differs from the name on the order, be sure to add it to the comments of your order.

Michigan Winter Sunset
Mariah visited Michigan Summer Sunsets last year, so she thought we'd visit winter. This is a white formula in the same style as 'Lake Superior Shenanigans' but with a different shimmer.
A white base shimmering with a violet red to orange to gold shifting aurora shimmer and a bit of scattered holographic to go with.
I wore this in two coats with glossy top coat and ya'll the shimmer in this is amazing! It's such a vibrant copper, almost red looking in some lights. I have not seen anything like it before, except for another polish Mariah made and is releasing soon. Definitely unique in my collection and the photos don't do it justice, far from it.


Broken Sunshine
Winter blues; Mariah's feeling it.
A sheer white base filled with violet red to orange to gold to green shifting iridescent flake and holographic microflake.
Shown in two coats over Orly Rose-colored Glasses which is a sheer pale shade I used for blurring vnl. I also show this with one matte in the third photo which makes it look like an opal to me! I love this flake and the color range gorgeously matches up with the shimmer polish's color range.

One coat of Broken Sunshine over two coats Michigan Winter Sunset

Mariah will check that your FB name matches with your order name; if not, you must note your FB name in the comments section of the order. Shipping will be completed 10-15 business days after the sale ends.

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