Thursday, January 19, 2023

Valentine's Duo from Baby Girl and Kathleen & Co.

I have a Valentine's Duo to share with you. Mia of Kathleen & Co. teamed up with NeNe of Baby Girl Lacquer to bring you a fun duo! It will be available January 20 at 10am central at Kathleen & Co.'s website. And there's a story behind this duo! (Direct quotes from Mia are italicized)

When I was first starting out as a maker I reached out to Nene thinking she was a swatcher and even though I was mistaken she struck up a conversation with me and we learned we had so much in common. She was one of the first makers to befriend me and has always been super supportive and encouraging. I’m excited to be collaborating with her again after all these years!

Baby Girl Lacquer brings a beautiful red cream polish and cuticle balm, both scented with tart & black cherry fragrances.
Nene says that your nails will smell so good, you'll want to bite them! Don't bite them, though! I can't be held responsible for personal injuries!

I wore three coats of Cherry Kisses with topcoat. I noticed a subtle tomato red sheen shifting across my nails as I moved them and thought that was unique looking. When I asked Mia if that was intended, I found that the polish is being reformulated to be straight up red as seen in the base shade.

The cuticle balm smells like cherry candies and my favorite black cherry Kool-Aid. (I still drink it!) The balm melts on contact which makes it so easy to apply. It added a nice sheen to my nails and my skin and feels so soft.

Kathleen & Co's part of the duo is a fun Valentine's topper that is loaded with pink aurora shimmer in a clear base with added holo flecks. She's also including a little pot of glitter hearts in pink, white and magenta as shown in the kit photo above.

I did a little nail art with the topper and a few of the white hearts, such a cute combo!

The topper goes great with the red cream and looks pretty over pastel creams too. Check out the topper over Nina Ultra Pro's In a Tiff.

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  1. Hmmm. But now I want it to have that subtle tomato sheen. 🍅


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