Monday, January 9, 2023

Kathleen & Co: Winter Creams

Kathleen & Co Winter creams are here! The collection of four are a shoutout to the winter creams from 2020, with two shades that came back and two shades that are similar but different/new. The launch is January 20, 2023 at 10am central time at Kathleen & Co's website.

All creams are shown in two coats with topcoat. They're amazingly buttery and basically apply themselves. Mary has done an amazing job with the formulas for these! The matte topcoated photos just reiterate how smoothly they each applied.

Deepest Blue is a nearly navy blue cream. I love where this shade sits in its color range. Most navy blue shades are too dark and end up looking black. This one is definitely blue and it's dark enough to call it navy I think, pure perfection!

Eggplant is a beautiful purple shade. Like navy blues, darker purples can also look black on the nail. This one, like deepest blue, is just dark enough to be a dark purple without looking black and just look at it matted!

Fir is that ever so slightly blue-leaning forest green. Absolutely beautiful! I can just picture a forest full of fir trees after dawn, when the fog is just settling near the ground all around them and the crisp fragrance of their leaves wafting in the air. This isn't just a polish, it's an adventure ya'll!

Winterberry is a blue-leaning darkish red shade, like the crushed velvet in your favorite jewelry box. So lush and utterly perfect for any ocassion whether it be a little black dress or a casual road trip!

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