Friday, August 9, 2013

Urban Lacquer: The Opposite of Good

Illuminaughty - the beginning.

At least, that is the polish that sparked the whole Opposite of Good collection from Urban Lacquer. I have heaps of photos to share, so buckle up kiddos!

Let's start with Illuminaughty - I think it's appropriate, yes?
I wore one coat of this holo packed sapphire jelly - Yes, that's not a typo. This is one coat (see secret later)! I call it a jelly because if the coats are thin, it would be fairly sheer and it has that super glossy translucency to it that creams just don't have. Wanna know a secret? I did touch up the sides of my nails near the free edge with a little extra polish because even with a one coater I ALWAYS have vnl there. I don't know why - maybe my painting technique? Have any super secret tips/tricks for me to avoid that?
Anywho - you may need to dab a little here and there but this is mostly just one coat. For SRS. Now, you don't have to swear to secrecy and its encouraged to be a little devious but you must be wearing Illuminaughty!

Mornings at the office are anything but glamorous, especially with coffee drinkers who are also close talkers. You know, the ones that think their nose needs to be just about touching yours to speak to you? The kind that get in your personal space and aren't invited? And you're practically wearing their breath on your face when they're done?
But revenge is yours!! YES!! Share your very own Coffee Breath that will knock their socks off. Guaranteed!
One of Brenda's customer’s daughters, Jenna, requested a camo-like polish and this baby was born! This is one coat over RBL No More War - I love it when polish names kinda go with the theme!
Coffee Breath is made up of shades of brown, gold, silver, and light green glitter which are super packed into this glitter topper. I don't know about you, but this is one Coffee Breath I don't mind wearing.

And this my friends, is Coffee Breath over Illuminaughty! Stunning! You're going to get both of these at the launch Sunday, right? You're welcome!

Baby Cake Baby Cake who wants a REALLIVEHUMANLOOKING Baby Cake? I mean, I don't think I could cut into a cake like that, let alone eat it. Its not a good thing.
Yep, I just opposite quoted someone famous - I wonder if she'd....I digress!
This polish is the most bright, nearly neon, duochrome shifting shimmer, glowy middle, pink pink pink, bright, nearly neon, duochrome shifting shimmer, glowy middle, pink pink pink polish I have ever worn. (Did you read it twice? lol) I could not get over how awesome this pink polish was and wore it as soon as I unwrapped it - the other polishes lay there still wrapped. I cannot even put into words how much I love this one. It does stain, but baby cake, I don't even care! Its that gorgeous! Ok enough gushing, how bout some photos?

I had to wear Reply All over Baby Cakes because omg how could I not? One disaster after another right? Double Disaster, all the way!
I've done it too. I've hit reply all and forgot what was written about four emails down in the chain/history. And then realized that the customer who'd just been added to the email should not be seeing our internal banter. So I hoped and prayed really hard that person that shouldn't see, didn't see it. I'll never know, because it wasn't mentioned.
I didn't dare try to do the recall and delete, because as sure as I did - it'd call more attention to the email and make them wonder why. Right?
So learn from my mistake and BE CAREFUL when you press that reply all button! Unless of course its super awesome black and white glitter with circles, then you can be as reckless as you'd like. :) I wore one coat in these photos.

Muffin Top. Not Muffin Tops, not the little muffins baked special at the local bakery so there's only a top to eat. The kind of Muffin Top we all don't want to have or admit that we have. The dreaded belly overhang. Waistband cutting into your midsection. Metal button poking into the overhang as you slouch in your desk chair. Definitely not good.
But wait! What is this Muffin Top?
A super smooth, mirror finish, sleek looking, perfect shade of lavender and OMGHOLO! I wore this for an evening after I swatched it and didn't notice until I got out in the morning sun that it has this mirror like finish underneath all the holo goodness. I was pretty shocked, I don't think I've ever seen a polish like this and on top of that its holo. How in the world - Brenda must be a wizard, a unicorn or a fairy or something cause she's still putting that special something in her polish.
It goes on so smooth and easy, I wore just two coats and it was opaque, holographic and chromey!

This. This is my favorite. No wait, Illuminaughty is. Nope, Baby Cake...hmm noo I really loved Coffee Breath and Reply All. Oh heck. I think you just need to get them all. Yep.

So, in the beginning were you thinking the Opposite of Good was a bad thing? Did I prove ya wrong?
(and did you notice that I wrote this to be a little more harsh/brash than usual? I also didn't use the provided descriptions of the polish. so..its an Opposite of Good post!)

Be ready! ...because this whole collection launches on Sunday, August 11th, 6:00pm central time at the Urban Lacquer Shop!

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  1. Super pretty polishes with great swatches!!! LOVE baby cake and muffin top and illuminaughty are really nice too :)

  2. Replies
    1. :D They're definitely both not the opposite of good! lol

  3. Stunning swatches, as usual, this collection is so gorgeous Jen!

  4. YES! I've been looking for a black and white glitter with circles! It looks great on you and it will be going straight to the top of my wishlist! :D

    1. So glad you've finally found one! :D Thank you for the compliment!

  5. I must have missed it, how many coats was Baby Cake? That's a lovely colour.

    1. oops! I usually try to include that but didn't on this one! I believe it was two coats. If I remember correctly it was pretty opaque on its own. I believe she is planning a restock soon, check her fb page for updates! :)


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