Thursday, July 28, 2022

Polish Pickup: Marine Magic (August 2022)

Available at Polish Pickup August 5-8 are some goodies from a variety of brands. I have items from KBShimmer to share with you!

Of all the things in an aquarium to watch, jellyfish are top of the list. Nearly neon when lit up in their tank, the graceful elegance of their translucent bodies propelling through the water are captivating. The red glow of the light illuminates, giving these sea creatures an otherworldly appearance, perfect for inspiring the August shade, Jelly Much?

Jelly Much? is a pink-leaning cherry shade loaded with color-shifting shimmer. Dancing between a bright magenta and cool red, this buildable base sets off a golden shimmer that reads almost orange. In some light, the gold can take on a more lime tone, while lower lighting brings out more pink hues. This boldly colored polish is perfect in 2 coats, but a third will deepen the color for a truer red shade.

Salt Water and Mermaids Sugar Scrub

Remember in childhood when some of us were convinced that mermaids were real? Human-like but half fish, living their best lives under the sea with crab friends looking for a prince...

Salt Water & Mermaids hand and body scrub is a sweet scent that captures the essence of mermaids with a fresh, watery green fragrance. Delicate notes of ocean mist and sea grass combine with agave nectar and coconut milk for a fruit-like fragrance I can’t quite describe. It is deliciously clean and fruity! A sea blue shade, this scrub is accented by a touch of biodegradable glitter on top for a scrub that will make you want a seashell outfit and a day at the beach.

Restoration Drops

Over time, nail polish can get thick and stringy. This is due to the evaporation of Butyl Acetate and Ethyl Acetate, two of the main ingredients in all nail polishes that help the polish to dry on your nails. To restore thick polish, use the KBShimmer polish thinner, Restoration Drops. For slightly thickened polish, start with 2-3 drops, shake, then check the consistency. Repeat until you are happy with the result. For dried out or severely thickened polish, we suggest that you fill the bottle with thinner to the fill line, let it sit overnight, and then shake in the morning. You may need to use a toothpick or paperclip to stir, allowing the thinner to reach the bottom of the bottle. Cleaning the necks of the polish bottles after use to allow a good seal will help prevent future evaporation.

To prevent evaporation of the thinner, store with the regular top. Please note: Glitter polishes are generally thicker than cream polishes. The use of too much thinner can reduce the suspension properties of glitter polishes. Always start with 2-3 drops and only use what is needed to restore polish to its original consistency. Restoration Drops can be used with any regular nail polish, top or base coat.

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