Thursday, July 14, 2022

KBShimmer: Just Add Water

As temperatures rise, warm breezes and nearly endless days tempt us to spend more time outdoors. New suits and shades, fresh flip-flops and oversized towels are stuffed into beach bags for trips to the pool. Up north, freeways are filled with boats being towed for weekends at the lake, while some head out to water parks for the thrill of waterslides and wave pools. Grab your cutoffs, pack the cooler, and just add water for a day of summer fun!

The Just Add Water nail polish collection by KBShimmer features eight shimmery shades perfect for invoking the spirit of summer. Buildable coverage and bold hues set off an array of colorful-shifting shimmers that will transport you to warm weekends, no matter the season. The Just Add Water polishes will officially drop on 08/01/22, with exclusive early access at the Polish & Beauty Expo on 07/17/22!

xoxoJen's swatch of KBShimmer Just Add Water

Rock The Float – Floating on a tube heading down the river while surrounded by good friends is a classic summer activity. Some tie their colorful rings together to keep from separating, while others break out giant flamingos and unicorns for unique floats that grab attention. No matter your float style, time spent on the water with friends is always a great way to kick back and relax.

Rock The Float is a bright, hot pink nail polish loaded with shifting shimmer. Golden hues sparkle and show off hints of peach in the sun, while softer lighting brings out hints of tangerine, rose and fuchsia. This near metallic shimmery polish is perfect for a day filled with inflatable fun. Best in 2-3 thin coats.

Flip Out – Every summer season, a new pair of flip flops finds its way into the closet. It could be a bright pair to match a new swimsuit or just a replacement for one blown out by a pop top. Whether they’re cheap everyday neon-colored or higher-end cushiony pairs made for lots of walking, flip flops are a summer staple.

Flip Out is a bright, almost neon, coral-leaning orange crelly nail polish. Shifting shimmer adds a pop of glistening gold and peach and at some angles, while near neon pink and rose hues come out to play in others. Two to three coats add a pop of color to tips and toes for a pool-ready look perfect for the hottest of days.

Let It Slide – Up the stairs you go, winding round and round until you reach that high platform. You can see the whole amusement park from up there. Screams from roller coasters and giggles from the splash pad add a fun soundtrack to your upcoming ride. Then it’s your turn to go. Settling into your neon tube, you prepare to twist and turn down the slide rushed along by fast-paced water, all for that 60-second adrenaline rush!

Let It Slide nail polish is a nod to those thrill-seekers that line the waterslide stairs. A neon chartreuse shade, Let It Slide is a squishy, near crelly jelly polish loaded with shimmer. In the sun, a hot coppery shimmer pops against the bold yellow-green base. In the shade, the neon color pops with a lighter lemon and peach shimmer. This shade is best in 3 coats and can be worn over a tinted base or complementary cream for those who want no visible nail line.

Dive On In – Hanging out by the pool can bring a lot of fun to a hot summer’s day. Crystal blue waters mirroring the shade of cloudless skies welcome swimmers to jump in and cool off. Those feeling adventurous might head to the diving board, splash onlookers with a cannonball, or impress with a sleek dive.

Dive On In is a cool blue crelly nail polish inspired by those who brave the diving board. Bold lighting will set off shimmery hues of peach and lime against the blue background, while shades of pink, green and aqua come out to play in indirect lighting. This shimmery shade is best in 2 coats for a polish perfect for the pool.

Splash Talking – Whenever you have people and add water, there will be some fun times ahead. While splashing in the pool or playing in the lake, those sitting on the sidelines make tempting targets. Talking with fellow sunbathers about life, it’s only a matter of time before you’re splash talking as a wave of water is sent your way!

Splash Talking is a bold ultramarine blue nail polish loaded with color-shifting shimmer. In direct light, a fun aqua color shimmers against the blue base, while hints of cornflower and lavender show at some angles. In other lighting, a soft, cyan blue morphs into shades of teal and violet with a hint of pink. Best in 2-3 coats. Thumbnail swatches are one coat over black.

Melt Down – As the mercury rises and the temperatures near triple digits, we’ll do anything to stay cool. The A/C blasts and shorts and tanks become the daily uniform. Trips for frozen treats tempt, even as they melt too quickly in the summer sun. Be it a soft serve cone, an ice pop, or a slushy, those chilly treats give us a bit of relief before the temps make us melt down.

Melt Down is a vibrant fuchsia nail polish bursting with color. A color-shifting shimmer boasts aqua, mint, and violet hues, while a shocking pink reveals its bold tone at certain angles. This shimmery shade shows off its iridescence best in 2-3 coats.

My Fla-vor-ite Color - Running through the sprinkler or splashing in the pool makes a kid crave something cool and sweet. So, whenever we saw those brightly colored tubes of frozen sugar water, all you could hear were color requests! Red, blue, green, or purple; we chose our sweet treats by color, having faith that our color selection would match our desired flavor. Cherry, raspberry, lime, or grape, those colorful freezie treats quickly disappeared, leaving nothing but stained tongues and sugar-filled bellies.

My Fla-vor-ite Color is a shifty, grape-leaning purple nail polish. Hues of magenta, fuchsia, and aqua blue shimmer in low lighting, while pops of teal, green and pink come out to play in brighter light. This shifty shade is best in 2-3 coats, with the 3rd coat deepening the color for a polish that pairs well with any colorful freeze pop.

Kinda Shady – One of the most iconic summer fashion pieces are the black-framed sunglasses celebrities have worn since the ‘50s. Whether the classic version or the ones updated with blue mirrored lenses, those are the sunnies people love most to sport. Pop a pair in your beach bag or throw a set in your car, protecting your eyes has never been more fashionable.

Kinda Shady nail polish is a nod to those sunnies beloved by so many. A deep black base sets off a vibrant blue multichrome shimmer. In some lighting, the blue features hints of indigo or cobalt. At some angles, the blue almost disappears giving a deep and mysterious shade that will keep you staring at your nails. Kinda Shady builds perfectly in 2 coats for most nail lengths.

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  1. I am in SO much trouble. I LOVE every single polish in this collection! Every single one. Blue is my fave colors and these blues are to die for. They're all gorgeous...even the yellow and I normally shy away from yellow polish! I can't wait for this collection!

    1. I hear you sis, they are all gorgeous! I feel the same way about yellows and you're right, this one is an exception!

  2. I'm in love with every polish in this collection. Amazing swatches! You really captured the shifting tones.


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