Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Candy Lacquer: xoxo Jen and Fairyland

In August, I was on the hunt for a purple and neon green chunky shape packed glitter topper. I was lemming it hard. Could not find one anywhere!(that should be written in all caps!)I had this wonderful vision of it, but it simply didn't exist.

One afternoon as I was doing my nails, I remembered a recent purchase I had made from Candy Lacquer not too long before my lemming hit. (Thanks Traci, for showing me the brand!) I had bought Fairyland, which is a gorgeous pastel holo glitter topper. See? Amirite?

One coat worn over Lacquer Lust S-mauve-mente. Just one coat and I got all that glitter, what a payoff! And those shapes! And that holo! Definitely a scrumptious topper!

So, a few days later I went back to the Candy Lacquer website to see if they might have something close to what I was looking for. They had a purple and pink polish I liked, and a turquoise and green polish I liked, but not a purple and green blend. So - I thought hey, I'll contact them and see if they do custom polishes.

I was a little nervous about asking, since I didn't know or have a relationship with the brand or its owner.

I wrote a quick message, hovered over the submit button, and finally pressed it. Eeeee!! I was excited, and I had only just sent the request. -geeked-

A few days later, a very kind reply from Sandra of Candy Lacquer arrived in my inbox. ^.^ When I read it, I was nearly heartbroken because Sandra doesn't do custom polishes. She did ask what I had in mind though, and mentioned that perhaps it'd be something she would consider creating in the future. I just knew she could make the perfect polish, so with excitement and hope, I wrote a fairly detailed message back and crossed every finger, toe, and eyelash.

After a few days, I began to get that sort of sinking feeling because she had responded to me so super fast before.
Little did I know what she had brewing. She wrote back on about day ten, with a photo of the polish and asked for my address! She had already made a polish for me!! And was ready to send it to me!!! She even told me it was a GIFT!!!! (notice how the exclamations increase? xD )

I squealed out loud - Jas came running to me to see if something was wrong. I had to just point at our emails on the screen and the bottle photo she had sent, I was too excited to speak!
Afterward, I replied back with my address. I blinked, and the polish was in my hands. I kid you not, she ships super fast.

Are you tired of reading? Are you ready to see my custom polish?? Shouldn't I use one more question mark for good measure???
Meet xoxo Jen (no, not me, the polish)! -trumpets sound and angels sing- ok, I know its corny, but really Sandra totally nailed my lemming.

She's pretty amazing. Sandra, not the - well the polish is amazing too! I wore it twice, each time for a week. A very rare occurrence in my world. :)

One coat over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

One coat over Essie Viva La Vespa

Please show Sandra some lovin, she deserves it! You can do so by liking her Facebook page and visiting her shop. Right now she has some awesome holiday and limited polishes in the shop. You can also spread the word about Candy Lacquer, Sandra is nothing short of amazing!


  1. This is gorgeous! I wish the shade she made for you was available, it's fantastic!

  2. I just got Balloons in the Air from her and it has been my lemming for awhile! She makes beautiful polishes! I love your custom pretty! Thanks for the way, I get that excited over polish too :)

    1. ooo I like that polish too! Congrats on getting it! Thank you, its the little things - right? ^.^

  3. Candy lacquer was a brand I was interested in but now I see how freakin awesome it is!! xoxo Jen is so gorgeous and same goes for fairyland!! Great swatches too!! :)

    1. Aw thank you so much for the sweet compliments! :)


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