Sunday, October 13, 2013

Urban Lacquer: Island of the Dolls collection and Anniversary

The Urban Lacquer Halloween 2013 collection consists of four polishes which were inspired by the Island of the Dolls (Isla de las Munecas). Located outside of Mexico City, the "island," a floating garden on a canal, is home to hundreds of decaying, mutilated dolls. Creepy right? I think its perfect for a creepy halloween set and the artisan, Brenda, has done a great job with her interpretation of it. I also received a special anniversary polish that Urban Lacquer created in celebration of the brand's one year anniversary!

Each order will come packaged with a creepy doll head, like the one I received. (if you don't want one, add comments to your order!) The polish is wrapped in the usual black tissue, as you may already have seen in a previous post of mine.

Appease Her was made with Don Julian's actions in mind. He would tie doll parts to tree trunks to appease the spirit of a dead girl he had found in the canal and to keep away evil spirits. He would state that he believed that the dolls were somehow still alive but forgotten.

In this polish you can see the ghost of those spirits, shifting and floating within the polish. I wore two coats with topcoat of Appease Her.

The dolls Don Julian fished from the canal and placed in trees is what inspired this polish, Canal Dolls.
It's filled with pinks, lavenders, blues, reds and an eye catching glow of green shimmer. I've worn one coat over Appease Her.

"Spiders and insects have taken up residence in the hollow parts of most of the dolls." - Delena, WebUrbanist review

Torso of Spiders' green base color reminded me of Slimer from the Ghostbusters movie and its packed with green, black, silver and burgundy glitters in small sizes. I wore two coats over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Love the square shapes in this!

Finally, Don Julian, the legend who created the Island of the Dolls. He died in 2001, but the legend carrys on and many people still visit the island today.
Don Julian, the polish, is a blend of black, orange and yellow glitters sprinkled with gold holo stars. I love those yellow dot glitters, they look like moons! I wore two coats over Cover Girl Purple Freeze.

I'm Fun at Parties is a Limited Edition polish created for the one year anniversary of the Urban Lacquer brand. Since this is a special polish, there is only one way to score a bottle! The polish is confetti like and is packed with bright fun colors! I especially love the bright neon green pieces, and the huge pink and blue hexes.
I wore one coat over Urban Lacquer's Little Black Undies.

To find out how to get your Limited Edition bottle of I'm Fun at Parties, follow Urban Lacquer on Facebook. This collection launches at the Urban Lacquer shop on Monday October 14th, at 2pm CT which is Noon PT, 1pm MT, 3pm ET.

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  1. Oooh, I'm Fun At Parties IS fun!

    1. Isn't it? I bought some loos Mickey Mouse shaped holo glitter and added one to my ring finger. It reminded me of the electrical parade there! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Appease Her and I'm Fun at Parties are SO pretty! Love the colored glitter ♥

    1. Thank you! Appease Her is such a sophisticated lady with her hidden purple flashing shimmers and I think I'm Fun at Parties would be fun over it too!


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