Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vivid Lacquer: Once More With Feeling (part 1)

Hi friends and polish fiends! I'm excited about an upcoming collection called Once More With Feeling created by Vivid Lacquer. I'm sharing three of the eight polishes that I've swatched so far, and they're pretty fabulous!

is such a cute name that I smiled the whole time I was swatching it, taking the photos and processing them. Its a barely greyed white, very cuddly like bunny fur! The holo is a nice scattered sparkle which is more vibrant in the sunlight. I wore two coats with topcoat over a white cream.

The next polish is named with a phrase that Anni from Vivid Lacquer uses a lot for one of her DnD Characters, Bored Now. Its a lovely smoked purple full of holo goodness. Its an almost linear scatter that sparkles and flashes all sorts of rainbowy colors. I wore two coats with topcoat for these photos.

When I first saw the name Band Candy, I giggled because my mind went two ways: A fundraiser for marching band and a pun for "man candy." Band Candy is a mouth-watering shade of brown; silky like melted chocolate glistening in a chocolate fountain. Seriously, I wanted to bite this polish! The holographic particles in this polish are also scattered and vibrant. I wore two coats with top coat for these photos.

The Once More With Feeling colleciton will be available on October 10th, view the part 2 review to see the other polishes in this set.

You can find Vivid Lacquer polishes and stamping plates at Etsy. Be sure to follow Vivid Lacquer on Facebook for updates and you can sign up for the mailing list at http://vividlacquer.com

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  1. Oh, snap! I need this whole collection just because I'm a huge Buffy the Vampire fan....still miss that show :(


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