Monday, November 4, 2013

Lynderella: Violet was the WILD one

Long time lemming obtained = happy happy Jen!

Meet Violet was the WILD one, a limited edition glitter polish made by Lynnderella. Her description of the polish: Violet was the Wild One is a complicated mixture of violet, purple, green, black and white glitters with iridescent blue sparks and scattered multiglitter. All in a clear multi-shimmer base with holographic microglitter.

I took a shot of the bottle to try to show off the glitters in this polish, but this isn't the half of them. There's all sorts of surprise shapes lurking in there waiting to be found! More on that with the swatch photos. :)

I was able to get this polish because my mom gave me birthday money back in September and it came with instructions to get Lynnderella polishes. I've been stalking and patiently waiting since mid-September for this polish to fall in my max bid range. ..and it was so worth the wait!

Its truly very special to me. What caught my eye first were the colors of glitter in the polish. Purple and green are my favorite colors and have been since I was ten years old. So when I laid eyes on this poilsh, I gasped with delight!
The name of this polish also has meaning to me. My mom wanted to name me Violet after her Great Aunt; however, my dad nixed it. I remember visiting my great great aunt "Vi", fairly often when I was young, she even made a dark purple velour pillow for me.

So its understandable that Violet was the WILD one had to be mine. Yes? Well now she's finally home. :)

Those shapes I mentioned earlier that lurked in the polish waiting to be discovered? How about the big hot pink holo dot on my thumbnail! I don't see that in the bottle shot above, do you?

And did you see black stars, hearts or squares in the shot above? no? Me neither, but they're in there!

How about moons? Yep, those too! There's a white one near the free edge on my ring finger.

I just adore big chunky glitter and shapes - there's hearts in there too. I had absolutely no idea about all these shapes when I bought it. I did see the neon green stars sprinkled in a sea of purpley goodness and that was enough for me to want need the polish. On top of all that goodness, this is only one coat!(worn over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls) Its so packed with sparkly love, I can't even!

I love the surprise shapes and colors that come out of the bottle that I've not seen in the preliminary photos. Its like opening a surprise birthday gift with every dip of the brush. I really do love this polish and I'm so happy to finally have it!

Thank you mom, for making my lemming come true!


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