Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vivid Lacquer: Once More With Feeling (part 2)

As promised, below is part two of the Once More With Feeling collection from Vivid Lacquer. All the holographic polishes in this set have great coverage. When applied a with a thick layer they only need one coat! I also noticed that some of the holos have hidden shimmer which makes them quite unique compared to other holographic polishes!

Demon Magnet is a strong steel-like charcoal hue right in between black and grey; totally a unique shade! The holographic sparkle adds beautiful flashes of color at different angles. Not only is it beautiful alone, but it would make an awesome base color for any glitter topper as well.

Green is totally a Halloween color, and The Bitch is Back is perfect for it. It's a "glowy in the middle," forest green shade with holographic sparkle.

My jaw hit the floor with the first stroke of Five by Five and here's why:

* glowy in the middle, darker on the edges - This alone makes me swoon over any polish.
* flash of shimmer that tricks the eye into wondering what color it really is - I love a good mystery!
* holographic sparkles and hidden shimmer - What else could this polish possibly have?

So are you still wondering what color this polish really is? Blue? Purplish? Steel blue? Black?
It does finally reveal itself when the lighting is dim. Its a nice cool shade of
...well what fun would it be if I told ya? ;)

Some Monster in Her Man is a brick red holo with pink shimmer. Just when you think its leaning a little orange, the shimmer flashes pink and brightens it up. Coupled with the holo sparkles, its a stunner!

To complete the Halloween collection, Vivid Lacquer has made a sequel to last year's zombie polish with this year's I'd Never Eat Your Brains. A wine colored flakie with holographic micro glitter. This is the only polish in the set that I used three coats of to make sure the nail line had good coverage under bright lighting for photos.

If you missed part one with the other three holo polishes, be sure to take a look!

The Once More With Feeling collection will be available on October 10th at 11am Pacific.
You can find Vivid Lacquer polishes and stamping plates at Etsy. Be sure to follow Vivid Lacquer on Facebook for updates and you can sign up for the mailing list at

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