Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jojoelle Haul and Review

I completely forgot to post my review here and on my blog. xD So.. here it is!


Ultra Luxe Lotion - Very think, spreads well and takes a while before it starts absorbing so it doesn't take much on initial application; which I think is pretty cool! The scent though is not as strong or long lasting as other etailers I have tried. I really like the base though, its very nice!

Hair and body mist - This fades so fast, it makes me kind of sad. It lasted about 20 minutes if that. I had to press my nose to my arm to smell it. =/ I even did the spray it down my shirt trick and its not clinging to the fabric either. Very very faint. I might use this for a linen spray, it'd be nice for that on my sheets so its not overpowering while I sleep. :)

EDP - Strong, long lasting! Definitely would purchase a full size if I find a fave scent, after trying the minis.

Scrub - Very scrubby, moderately bubbly. Love the jojoba beads! They scrub and scrub even after the sugar has all melted. She mixes these throughout the scrub, so you get lots of them!

English Tea - signature - Black Keemun tea with fresh lemon slices!
--This smells just like Moona's Tea Reader (though I think she adds a shortbread note) and Haunt's Lady Grey! Wahoooooo a dupe! :D I love this scent its just like described tea and lemon slices, soooo yummy! Perfect for summertime, or any time really! Fresh and citrusy! It had kind of faded a little though after an hour, but most citrus scents tend to do that. Very bright and strong at first, then a soft drydown.

Lavender Cotton Candy - signature - Soft lavender floating in sweet cotton candy.
--JJE's lavender is a little on the herbal side, so the cotton candy note really sweetens it up! On application the edp smells more foody and sweet than in the bottle. Oo its changing on me..I smell a toasty note! Yum! :D

Lavender Marshmallow - signature - Lavender and fluffy soft marshmallows!
This is closer to Haunt's than LSC's is, but still different. I love it though! The scrub is really nice and scrubby esp with the little jojoba beads in it! They will scrub til I say I'm done! lol This one bubbles up what I would consider a moderate amount. Not quite enough for shaving, but good enough for cleansing. :)

Magnificent Marshmallow - This is the best marshmallow we've ever smelled! Ooey gooey, fluffy white marshmallows!
--this is sweeter than other marshmallows I have sniffed, and it has a very faint hint of plastic. The scent is quite light and a little difficult to smell in the jar. This is all based on in jar sniff, I have not tried this yet.

Sugar Rush - signature - Lemon sugar, caramel, cotton candy, and vanilla, with a wisp of egyptian musk! Unique!
--Ooo lawdy this is yummy! Its very bright lemon, sweetened up with the cotton candy, and grounded by the musk which is very light in this. The edp is super strong on application and I think the vanilla is coming through a little more now that I've had it on a few minutes. I don't smell the caramel note and if I didn't know to look for the musk, I wouldn't know it was there. This might be a reorder in full size edp!

Lavender Cream Cake - signature - A luscious blend of vanilla ice cream, caramel, marshmallow, sugar, lavender, and cake!
--This smells wonderfully delicious in the jar/bottle and smells great on too! I layered the lotion with the body spray, used the scrub in the shower and after about 20 minutes it has faded. Very difficult to smell unless I stick my nose to my arm. I have to say this smells almost identical to my purple boxed delites blend from sudsy's, only JJe's is softened by the Lavender. I much prefer the pbd from Sudsy's, and I'm sure I could get lavender added to it!

Freebie Ultra Luxe Lotion:
Pink Champagne - A pink iced champagne mixed with raspberry, cranberry, and sweet sugar crystals.
--This smells like a bag of gummy bears upon opening and you catch that first whiff! I LOVE gummy bear and I love this scent!

Tat was fast! She told me 5/7 day and I got my order in less.
8/29 just before midnight is when I purchased. I got cns on 9/1 and it all arrived today 9/3.

She was very friendly throughout communication via email and facebook both. Her products are of good quality for the most part (save for body spray) and she sent a freebie and sucker! :) She packed with those green peanuts, which is awesome because they are biodegradable! :D

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