Monday, October 10, 2011

Front Porch Candle Company Review

Tat was a little slow because she had a huge bogo sale, but I think she is generally fairly quick from what I have read. I love her tarts just on cold sniff alone, they were all packed in cello baggies with twist ties, no staples yay!

I did ask about a custom blended scent via email but she didn't respond to me, the sale was going to end so I had to go ahead and order. She still hasn't replied to my request, but I'll just blame the chaos of her sale for that. xD

Black Cherry Bomb - Huge throw from with Black Cherry Bomb! Amazing sharp black cherry aroma.
--This smells just like black cherry kool-aid! (my fave kool-aid) Loving it, and I think its going to be super strong. The cold throw is pretty amazing on this tart!

Lime Citrus - blend of Lime and Citrus Explosion(Strong blend of tangerine, pineapple and kumquats. Watch out for the Citrus Explosion....!! )
--Very lime, very citrus and STRONG cold throw! I think this will be awesome hot!

Funnel Cake - Walk to the Funnel Cake Cart at your local carnival and this is what you'll smell. The wonderful aroma of funnel cake sprinkled with powder sugar. So real it will make you hungry!
--Lighter cold throw than the first two, but definitely fried dough and powdered sugar. yum!

Grapes & Huckleberries - A sweet blend of tart ripe grapes and sour huckleberries. Wonderful fruity aroma!
--Oh this is good! It smells just like one would expect. If you've not ever eaten or sniffed a huckleberr, they are very similar to blueberries on a bit more tart. Mixed with grape for added sweetness, this smells good enough to eat!

Pink Key Lime Pie - description not listed, but I am smelling this through the cello wrap and my gosh its strong! Pink sugar mixed with key lime for a brighter more tart pink sugary treat! Yumm!

Raspberry Lime - Sweet blend of Raspberries, Lime, with Vanilla undertones.
--Mouthwatering! I read about a sherbet made with these two fruits once and have longed for it since. This tart just made that longing into a real craving. I must seek some! I think this tart will be super strong when hot.

Blackberry Bubble Gum - no description available, but it smells like Bubblicious bubble gum if they made a blackberry flavored one! Very yummy and great cold throw on this!

tea & cookies -
--I smell tea, lemon, and vanilla shortbread, nice throw while cold! Very yummy smelling!

tea & crumpets -
--I ordered this to see the difference from the one above, and this one has the tea and lemon but is quite a bit more buttery like an english biscuit. Both of them smell fantasticly yummy and have a good cold throw!

Blackberry Sugar - no description available, Marmalade or sugary jam? yes please! Smells good enough to slather it on a piece of toast and gobble it up! Very good cold throw!

Freebie is not labeled! lol
Its the layered scallop in the photo, it smells very bakery like buttercream and vanilla. :) yum!


  1. mmmm, they all look so yummy!

  2. We have melted a few and they are really great at hot throw and the fragrances are soo yummy! They don't seem to last quite as long as other tarts, but I think it is because these are a little smaller. I'm only putting one in my melter.


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