Saturday, October 8, 2011

Beaux Savons Frais Review
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I actually ordered twice, so part of this is my order and part of it was completely different items than what I ordered, I got someone else's package! I let Lacey know and she promptly refunded me for the package + shipping that was sent in error. I was still a little sad because I was very excited about several things in my real order. =/

I'm only going to review scents that I like, because what could I say good about a scent that I normally do not like? right?

Starbucks coffee clamshell - this is straight up coffee. No cream, no sugar, simply black coffee. Its very yummy and inviting. Lovin it! Haven't melted it just yet, but I'm thinking it might be great for tomorrow morning in prep for the CP sale! :D

Whipped Creme Soap in Fruit Loops - this, I ordered. One for me and one for Teresa. (little did she know!) It smells absolutely delicious, better than real fruit loops cereal. So fruity and sweet! :D YUM! I love the texture of this soap as well. Its quite different than others I have tried.

Bath salts in Papaya Dragon Fruit - another item I ordered and lemme tell ya, this is sooo sweet and tropical smelling, I could live in it! :D I soo need to hit the tub and try these out!

Solid Bubble Bath in Cotton Candy - This stuff smells yummy but the texture is so neat! Its like Play-doh!! This will be fun in the bath! :D (this was an item I ordered)

Tarts in Pink Sugared Vanilla Cupcake - smells like pink sugar and vbn. Yum!

Tarts in Strawberry Shortcake - very yummy and sweet smelling! Strawberries and cake, I could bite this one! I think it will have a pretty good hot throw.

Tarts in Chocolate Chip Cookie - This one is a lighter scent but it smells just like a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie!

Tarts in Blue Cotton Candy - these smell a little raspberry and a little sweet to me. I prefer straight up cotton candy to this, but these smell rather good. :)

Other stuff I received:
Caramel apple foaming hand soap, its good I just don't care much for apple scents.

Bag of Peppermint Patty tart crumbles

Cinnamon Roll Tarts

Pumpkin Crunch Cake clamshells x2 - I am keeping one of these, but I don't care a lot for cinnamon, will see how it melts. :)

Peppermint Candy skull and crossbone tarts

Caramel Lip Balm

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