Monday, November 14, 2022

Polish Pickup: Maker's Choice

Available at Polish Pickup Dec 2-5 are some goodies from a variety of brands. I have items from Kathleen & Co. and KBShimmer to share with you!


Kathleen & Co. Snow Globe
Frosty indigo with glowy gold/green shimmer and holo flakes.
Cap: 500

Super shifty and I'm loving the purpley base shade! Shown in two coats with topcoat.

KBShimmer Awfully Frond of You
When temperatures at home are frigid, and the falling snow is no longer enchanting, it’s the perfect time to escape to a warm place. Palm fronds and soft sand set the stage for a relaxing day. Lapping waves reflect jewel-toned hues as they usher in a warm night breeze under the setting sun. Kick off your shoes for an evening stroll under the stars or put on the perfect pair for a night of dancing in the tropics. Either way, not needing to wear snow boots makes it a perfect trip!

Awfully Frond Of You nail polish is a nod to the deep tones the setting sun creates against a tropical background. Rich purple in color, this shade showcases a range of hues from a bold fuchsia to a royal purple, to almost indigo. A scattering of micro holo flakes adds a twinkle to your manicure. This tropic-inspired shade is shown in two coats with KBShimmer Clearly on Top topcoat.

KBShimmer Blueberry Muffin Hand & Body Scrub
No Cap
Waking up in the morning can be hard to do. We stretch, yawn, shake awake the sleepy feeling and head to the shower hoping that the warm water will wash away the rest of the tiredness and prepare us for the day ahead. Often in our busy lives, we rush out the door, grabbing nothing but a cup of coffee to tide us over until lunch. As for Christy of KBShimmer, she prefers to start her day with a bit of breakfast like a warm muffin to fill her up while she takes on the morning tasks.

Blueberry Muffin Hand & Body Scrub can help you face the morning to-do list, even if you’re not reaching for an actual muffin. The scent of juicy blueberries is accented by sweet notes of warm cake. Sugary, with a hint of vanilla, this scrub smells just like warm muffins fresh from the oven. Swirled in shades of cream and blue, this blueberry muffin inspired scrub will have you feeling like you had a good breakfast, no matter the time of day.

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  1. Looks like i found a couple to add yo my wishlist

    1. <3 They are both stunners! A skittle or squish mani done with these together would be fab!

  2. Beautiful swatches as always! Wondering if I need this month's K&C because I ordered her beauty from last month. What's your opinion? Struggle is real! Definitely have KBShimmer on my list. Thank you again! 😊

    1. Thank you!! I think they are different enough to have them both. Snow Globe has a purple hue and scattered holo flake, where the other one has a pink hue and linear holo pigment. They're quite different to my eye!


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