Wednesday, November 23, 2022

KBShimmer: Northern Exposure collection

KBShimmer takes you up North to celebrate this winter season with their nine-piece Northern Exposure nail polish collection. Launching at on November 21st, 2022.
Take advantage of their Black Friday sale running from Monday, November 21st – Monday, November 28th, 2022. Use code BLACKFRIDAY15 to save 15% off your entire order, including the new Northern Exposure collection!

Out Of Sequins reflective nail polish topper is the perfect way to dress up your manicure. In low lighting, you can catch a subtle twinkle that won’t obscure the color underneath. As the light increases so does the bling! Flash or bold lighting will reflect a bright silver for that perfect touch of glam.
One coat shown over Winterberry from Kathleen & Co, with a quick-dry topcoat to finish. The two brighter photos are with flash, the rest are without.

Yes We Cran is a vibrant red shimmery metallic nail polish shade. Flashes of orange, gold, and cool red flash as you change lighting and viewing angles. Shown in two coats with topcoat.

Slush Fund is a nod to golden orange drinks. A gold reflective nail polish, Slush Fund is accented by a warm orange to red to gold shifting shimmer. This shade comes to life in bold lighting, flashing a fun gold color perfect for pairing with your holiday wardrobe, or your favorite jeans. Shown in two coats with Smooth Moves and Clearly On Top topcoat, or you can wear it without topcoat for a unique textured look.

Let’s Hang magnetic nail polish starts with a deep forest, almost black base. A vibrant magnetic pigment shows off shades of green, while a colorful mix of shifting flakes echo the glow of holiday lights. Layer over your favorite forest shade or wear alone, as shown here, in two coats for a perfectly festive tree-inspired shade. Also available is the magnet stand with magnet for hands-free magnetizing! I love that this tand can hold any magnet and free up my other hand for facebook scrolling or snack eating!

Logging Off nail polish is a nod to the deep woods. A blue-leaning deep green color, this reflective polish is the perfect shade for those wanting a bold jewel tone. Accented by green reflective pigment, Logging Off comes alive in brighter lighting with twinkling glimmers of emerald. Shown in two coats with Clearly On Top topcoat, or wear without for a unique textured look.

Chill Out is a sky-blue nail polish with twinkling silver reflective glitters that echo falling snow. Loaded with a multichrome shimmer, this shade shows off a rainbow of hues. Glistening gold, pink, red, and warm orange easily pop against the cool blue base, while some angles even show hints of lime. Shown in two coats with Smooth Moves and Clearly On Top for a glass-like like finish, or wear without either for a unique textured look.

How Polarizing nail polish is a nod to the color palette of Christy's childhood winters in Minnesota. A deep navy base sets off a multichrome magnetic in teal, blue, purple, and green. A hint of micro holo flakes adds a touch of sparkle to this shifty shade. Shown in two coats with topcoat and using a zig-zag magnet which is available at KBShimmer. When worn without using the magnet the colors flip through teal, blue, and purple hues.

Northern Exposure nail polish pays homage to that glorious natural phenomenon. A purple base deepens as layered, offering a night-like canvas for a scattering of twinkling holo flakes. Shifting shades of red, gold, green and blue appear as lighting and viewing angles change, mimicking that spectacular evening light show. Shown in two coats.

Paired Up is a glittering purple nail polish that echoes the colors of some of Christy's favorite warm socks. Loaded with glowy holo flakes, Paired Up features shades of magenta and copper shimmer. Depending on viewing angles and lighting, hints of gold and a deeper purple can be seen at the edges of your manicure. Shown in two coats.

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