Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The secret is out! Cabochons for Box Tops!

My friend Connie Davis and I used to meet up twice a year before the pandemic, and during those meet ups we would have some really good discussions. One of them was troubleshooting how to make a polish color visible outside a box without messing up the box. While it seemed to be an impossible task, Connie kept thinking about it during the lockdown.

She came up with a brilliant solution! Using cabochons for the box tops, but not adhering them to the box. She's so clever ya'll and she's letting me share this secret with her photos!

First - here is her workspace. You can see she's got the cabochons and twist ties organized in cups at the top, and she's covered her table top to protect it. On the paper towel, she's got e6000 glue, and she's showing how she cuts the twist ties to the right length. To the right of that, she's showing the cabochon glued to the twist tie, and at the top, she shows how it is used on the box. The tie slides down inside the box and bends over the box top to show the painted cabochon. She got all her supplies at Amazon.

Cabochon Box Tops

Finished result!

Cabochon Box Tops Cabochon Box Tops

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  1. Awww! 🥰 Great post Jen! I hope others find my process as helpful & satisfying as I did!

    1. <3 Thanks again for letting me share this idea and use your photos!

  2. Very creative solution. Thank you for sharing.


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