Tuesday, May 11, 2021

LynB Designs: Group Customs

Releasing May 14th at LynB Designs online shop!
For half off the regular price, use the code CUSTOM through the 18th!
All of my swatches are shown in three coats with topcoat, except for the magnetic which is two coats with topcoat. All the polishes have fantastic formulas, no issues to report. Descriptions are provided by LynB, enjoy the photos!

Best Buds - deep burgundy magenta base with violet to blue to green magnetic multichrome flakies and added holo flakies

Heal Me Teal - deep purple to teal thermal with red to purple to blue shifting crystal flakies and scattered holo shimmer

I feel like this thermal is more of a purple/periwinkle/sky blue rather than what comes to my mind when I think about a straight teal; however, this shade of blue does appear in the teal color range I found when searching google.

Never a Gull Moment - medium toned cerulean jelly based linear holo with intense red to gold shifting shimmer

Quite an Oar-Deal - lavender sheer crelly loaded with red to yellow to copper shifting white multichrome shimmer, red to orange to yellow shifting crystal flakies, and copper to yellow to green shifting crystal flakies

Seas the Day - a bright teal to white thermal with holo micro shreds, fuchsia to orange to yellow to green shifting UCC flakies and red to ornate to yellow shifting UCC flakies

Slaying Mantis - lemony yellow jelly base with pink to purple to green to yellow shifting shimmer and scattered holo

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