Sunday, May 16, 2021

Email Subscription Change

The short:
I'm switching the email subscription service from Feedburner to!

The long:
My blog is hosted on Google's blog service called blogger. Historically, Google has provided the RSS tool I use called Feedburner which is what sends the emails to my email subscribers when a new post is made. Google is decommissioning Feedburner and they are not replacing it. I've exported the list of all email subscribers and I am going to import them later today into's free service. Their emails to you will be branded by and may suggest other feeds to sub to. As far as I know, this should be the only big difference. If the advertising is bad, or if it seems unreliable - please let me know and I will look for another solution. Thanks so much for being a subscriber!! I know many of you have been with me since day 1 in 2009! I chose because it is a free service. I am committed to continuing to never run annoying ads or monetize my blog with irrelevant ads/services, as I want your experience here to be pleasant. I am grateful that you follow my blog and I want to maintain that relationship!
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