Sunday, March 21, 2021

Polish Pickup: 90's Nostalgia

The theme this month for Polish Pickup is 90's Nostalgia. Launching Friday, April 2 at 10a Central through Monday, 11p Central. A lot of brands have offerings this month, and I have some of them to show you!

Alter Ego 7 Cherries Rose Up
Inspired by Cherry 7Up
A sheer cherry red crelly base with subtle shimmer

Shown in two coats with topcoat. I love how squishly looking this is after application, the color is bright yet soft and the shimmer makes it unique!

No cap

Alter Ego 7 Cherries Rose Up
2 oz, Bubbling bath crumbs, scented in white soda. unrefined kokum butter, castor oil, unrefined shea butter, baking soda, citric acid, cosmetic clay, tapioca flour, SLSa(this is the bubbling agent)

The zesty scent of lemon and the tangy aroma of lime are combined in 7 Cherries Rose Up bubbling bath crumbs to give you a huge energy boost and uplifting ambience. Effervescent. You can actually feel the fizzy bubbles while you smell it in the bath or use as a mani bomb!

No cap

KBShimmer I Just Wanna Fly
Inspired by iridescent butterfly hair clips & other hair accessories
A pastel purple with iridescent shimmer that shifts through golds, greens, and aqua

Shown in two coats with topcoat. This polish is definitely shifty, however; my camera refused to capture greens and aquas. I took a billion photos and they all showed up as gold. I was definitely seeing all sorts of limey green and bright aqua under both my light setups.

No cap

KBShimmer Fresh Peach sugar scrub
Inspired by the Peach Pit from the show Beverly Hills 90210
This scrub smells like the first bite of a juicy ripe peach. One whiff of the scrub and you'll be reminded of the velvety skin and the sweet yet tart juice running down your chin. The scent truly captures the smell of a fresh peach and is echoed by swirls of yellow, orange and pink. The top is dusted with biodegradable glitter for added sparkle.

No cap

LynB Designs A Little Absinthe Minded
A juicy jade green to pale spring green thermal filled with red to gold and pink to orange to gold shifting flakies and pink to gold aurora shimmer.

Shown in two coats with topcoat. The formula was smooth and easy to apply. I noticed that the colder the water, the darker the effect. You can see this variation in my photos too, it could easily be a tri-thermal!

No cap

Nevermind Polish Without You Everything Falls Apart
Inspired by Nine Inch Nails song The Perfect Drug
An intoxicating lime crelly with blue to green shifting multichrome flakes and a subtle glow.

Cap: 200

I love this polish so much! It reminds me of my favorite food. Any guesses what that is? Shown in two coats with topcoat, the polish is a little on the sheer side so if you paint thin, you may need three coats. Formula was delicious, as usual.

The Soapy Chef All Grown Up face scrub
Inspired by the iconic apricot face scrub of the 90's from St. Ives.
A much gentler approach than the original. This cream-based scrub exfoliates and moisturezes at the same time. It has a mix of crushed apricot seeds and jojoba beads (both biodegradable) to give a light scrub to your face without causing any distress to your skin. Can be used daily and is good for all skin types. Scent notes include bergamot, mandarin orange, apricot, honey and a hint of citrus.

I tried this out on my hands and they felt wonderful afterward! The cream base is like a very light, whipped lotion and the scrub is very gentle. The scent is also very light and refreshing, very spa like. The scrub can be used all over, elbows, knees, legs, back etc.

Cap 120

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